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5 Benefits of Hiring Local Movers in Iowa

Moving from one place to another can exhaust and stress you. There are a lot of things to do. You might think that you can handle it all by yourself without any professional help. If you haven’t had many moving experiences in the past, we can not guarantee that you can go on alone.

A lot of unexpected things may happen like injuring yourself by lifting your furniture. In the end, you might not get everything ready before your moving date. That is why hiring a professional local mover in Iowa has all the benefits you need in moving. Read more in this article.


People always think of the price to pay in hiring local movers. There’s the question – is it worth the price? Well, to be honest, yes it is worth it. Hiring a local mover in Iowa actually saves you money.

Professional movers have the right equipment to use in the job. Making the move easier and safe. They are expert in their job. Unless you’ve moved many times, you wouldn’t know how to do it properly, smoothly, and fast. You can end up wreaking havoc on your belongings and to yourself.

Save time

If you plan to move all by yourself, you will surely not be able to do within a day only. That is why hiring a professional mover can save you time in moving your things. They have the proper vehicle to transport your belongings and they can also help you in packing – which is, by the way, a very tedious thing to do.

Your stuff is safe and secure

Taking care of things by yourself such as packing everything, hiring a truck, loading it, and moving it all can drain you. You cannot also be sure of the safety and security of your belongings with the truck driver. By hiring a professional local mover in Iowa takes away these dilemmas. With a professional mover, you’ll be dealing with them legally. So there’ll be legal papers before the move. That makes you sure that your stuff is safe and secure.

Avoid injuries

Getting injured will not only hurt you, but it will also hurt your budget and your frame time. By hiring a professional mover, you can avoid these things. They are well-trained in heavy liftings and safe packing.

Planning the move is on them

If you are to move by yourself, again, you will face things such as planning. You’ll have to plan and do things long before the move date. Whereas, hiring a professional local mover can do it all properly for you. Last-minute issues are lessened as they have prepared it all up – the packing day, the loading and the exact moving day. It’s like getting a personal secretary just for that move.

There it is, the 5 most obvious benefits of hiring a professional local mover in Iowa. Yes, you can say that you can do it yourself but be aware of all the hassle that can take a toll on your schedule. Hiring a local mover can help you avoid leaving for work just to pack things up and move. You’ll be able to have peace of mind and focus on other things such as your work and the legal stuff.

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5 Tips on Choosing a Trustworthy Moving Company in Iowa

Doing your research before closing a deal with a moving company in Iowa is one of the wisest decisions you can make. This will not only help you save up money, but it also gives you more time to enjoy your move without any hassles.  So what are you waiting for? Consider these five tips when choosing a moving company in Iowa.

Authenticate and verify their credentials

A reliable moving company in Iowa must have a number license issued by the Department of Transportation. It identifies the commercial vehicles used in transportation. The moving company must be able to show you their DOT number. They must also have a carrier number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier  Safety Administration.

Check the reviews and complaints

By searching on the web, you can check what the other customers and past client of a moving company tell about them. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau if that company has a report or record with them. They have a review of more than 20,000 moving companies.

Get an estimate

Before closing a deal with any moving company in Iowa, make sure to get at least 3 written estimate of the job to be done. Be suspicious and don’t take things too lightly. If an estimate seems to be too low or too high be sure to make further inquiries. If the moving company gives you an estimate without checking personally the scope of job it’s a clear sign of a scam.

Be mindful of the large deposit requirement

No more than 20% of the estimated cost must be asked as a deposit by the moving company. Some might not actually require any payment until the job is done. Use a credit card for any payment to make sure that you can contest any charges if something wrong came up.

Hire a local mover

Hiring a local mover in Iowa can help you avoid being tricked by an unscrupulous company. Dealing with a local mover gives you the chance to personally visit their office. You can check how they communicate with their clients and staffs. This way, you shall get a personal first impression on them.

If ever, unfortunately, you became a victim of unreliable movers, immediately report this matter to the police. If they try to get hold of your belongings and force you to pay more than what you agreed, call the local authorities. Make sure to file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to alert others, as well.

5 Disturbingly Weird Things Moved by Professional Movers in Iowa

If you are thinking that a mover’s job is always boring, this list will definitely make you think again. Yes, oftentimes, it’s a tedious job but these weird encounters make this job unique.

1. Taxidermy Cat

Ever heard of the art of stuffing dead animals? Taxidermy is the art of using the dead animal’s skin to make it look alive. Transporting taxidermy materials are one of the most genuine things a mover have transported. An old woman who had lost 4 cats insisted on making taxidermy to keep them in their house.

2. Python

Of all things that a mover can transfer, why on earth a Python right? But yes, a ball python came across the movers in Iowa. At one moment, the mover’s day can be tiring, exciting, fun, then it can turn into an exotic one. A ball python in its huge tank was experienced by a moving company.

3. Batmobile in Real Life (Batman’s Car)

The movers’ ordinary day turned to a laughable and hilarious one. A client asked the movers to transport a fake car – which was in real life size and a replica – this wasn’t mentioned by the client. Just imagine the movers’ surprise!

4. Trophy Animals

Aside from taxidermy materials, here’s another weird stuff that a mover had encountered. Trophy animals came face to face with the movers as one of their clients was an avid game hunter. 35ft truckload of trophy animals with an 8ft tall stuffed bear surprised the movers. It wasn’t that heavy but rather awkward to deal with. However, the movers still kept their professionalism while moving.

5. One single chair – to another room

The items to be move is weirder than the job itself. The movers got a moving job wherein they need to transfer a single chair to another room right away at 3 a.m. By the way, the chair can be moved even by a kid.

These are just a few of the disturbing weird things a moving company had to deal with. Do you have weird things moved by movers experienced in the past? Share it with us. It’s great to add that to our list.

5 Significant Questions You Need to Ask Before Dealing with a Moving Company

Before making your big move to a new house in Iowa, you need to take your decisions into consideration. From choosing the supplies you need for moving, the moving date, There are simply many questions you need to ask yourself. Thus, your to-do list can be overwhelming and long.

Due to these reasons, the most significant decision you can make is finding the best moving company in Iowa for your needs. How do you know if they are the best in Iowa? Here are some questions you need to ask:

1. Are they licensed?

Checking the moving company’s license is important. There are movers out there that work illegally. If you end up with them you are risking yourself from scams and unprofessional movers. All professional moving company are registered and has a license number given by the government authorities.

Selecting a licensed moving company to help you move in Iowa ensures you, your family, and your belonging’s safety. You can hold them liable for any damages with your stuff.

2. What’s their experience in your type of move?

Your moving type can either be different or the same with their past clients. You can ask them if they have any experience with your specific type of move. You might be moving from a high-rise apartment building to a new residential house in Iowa. You can ask if they have experience with steep stairs, elevators, small pathways or parking restrictions.

3. What will be the coverage of their liability?

Before signing a deal with a moving company and letting the handle your valuables, check their liability coverage. Mishaps while transporting your things can happen, so you should know the liability coverage they offer. You can also check the company’s licensed insurance. The insurance takes the cover of any damages.

4. Can they provide you a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimation?

Make sure to ask for a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimation so you are aware of the possible fee for their service. Ask for the condition that can make the fees change. For example, if you need more man-hours or if your things are heavier than their quote, you might need to pay more. Also, check for possible add-ons and service fees. For a better option, choose a moving company that offers a binding quote.

5. Check their references

In hiring a moving company, you are like the employer and you wouldn’t hire an employee without background checking right. Same goes with hiring a moving company. Have a background check and see for any references for that company. Ask for customer reviews to see what are the experience of their past clients.

Before your big move to Iowa, do some homework in finding the moving company that will match your needs. If you are looking for professional movers in Iowa to help you, call us now and get quoted.