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5 Disturbingly Weird Things Moved by Professional Movers in Iowa

If you are thinking that a mover’s job is always boring, this list will definitely make you think again. Yes, oftentimes, it’s a tedious job but these weird encounters make this job unique.

1. Taxidermy Cat

Ever heard of the art of stuffing dead animals? Taxidermy is the art of using the dead animal’s skin to make it look alive. Transporting taxidermy materials are one of the most genuine things a mover have transported. An old woman who had lost 4 cats insisted on making taxidermy to keep them in their house.

2. Python

Of all things that a mover can transfer, why on earth a Python right? But yes, a ball python came across the movers in Iowa. At one moment, the mover’s day can be tiring, exciting, fun, then it can turn into an exotic one. A ball python in its huge tank was experienced by a moving company.

3. Batmobile in Real Life (Batman’s Car)

The movers’ ordinary day turned to a laughable and hilarious one. A client asked the movers to transport a fake car – which was in real life size and a replica – this wasn’t mentioned by the client. Just imagine the movers’ surprise!

4. Trophy Animals

Aside from taxidermy materials, here’s another weird stuff that a mover had encountered. Trophy animals came face to face with the movers as one of their clients was an avid game hunter. 35ft truckload of trophy animals with an 8ft tall stuffed bear surprised the movers. It wasn’t that heavy but rather awkward to deal with. However, the movers still kept their professionalism while moving.

5. One single chair – to another room

The items to be move is weirder than the job itself. The movers got a moving job wherein they need to transfer a single chair to another room right away at 3 a.m. By the way, the chair can be moved even by a kid.

These are just a few of the disturbing weird things a moving company had to deal with. Do you have weird things moved by movers experienced in the past? Share it with us. It’s great to add that to our list.

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