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5 Tips on Choosing a Trustworthy Moving Company in Iowa

Doing your research before closing a deal with a moving company in Iowa is one of the wisest decisions you can make. This will not only help you save up money, but it also gives you more time to enjoy your move without any hassles.  So what are you waiting for? Consider these five tips when choosing a moving company in Iowa.

Authenticate and verify their credentials

A reliable moving company in Iowa must have a number license issued by the Department of Transportation. It identifies the commercial vehicles used in transportation. The moving company must be able to show you their DOT number. They must also have a carrier number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier  Safety Administration.

Check the reviews and complaints

By searching on the web, you can check what the other customers and past client of a moving company tell about them. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau if that company has a report or record with them. They have a review of more than 20,000 moving companies.

Get an estimate

Before closing a deal with any moving company in Iowa, make sure to get at least 3 written estimate of the job to be done. Be suspicious and don’t take things too lightly. If an estimate seems to be too low or too high be sure to make further inquiries. If the moving company gives you an estimate without checking personally the scope of job it’s a clear sign of a scam.

Be mindful of the large deposit requirement

No more than 20% of the estimated cost must be asked as a deposit by the moving company. Some might not actually require any payment until the job is done. Use a credit card for any payment to make sure that you can contest any charges if something wrong came up.

Hire a local mover

Hiring a local mover in Iowa can help you avoid being tricked by an unscrupulous company. Dealing with a local mover gives you the chance to personally visit their office. You can check how they communicate with their clients and staffs. This way, you shall get a personal first impression on them.

If ever, unfortunately, you became a victim of unreliable movers, immediately report this matter to the police. If they try to get hold of your belongings and force you to pay more than what you agreed, call the local authorities. Make sure to file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to alert others, as well.

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