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10 Tips When Moving for a Fresh Start in Iowa (Part 2 of 2)

We’ve now come to the second part of this two-part series. We hope this can help you move on and make a fresh start this 2019.

6. Get a pet in Iowa (If you don’t have yet)

Having a pet is like having the best of friends among all others. If you don’t have a kid yet, having a pet within your household is also like having a kid!

Experts say that pets’minds are similar to what a 5 to 7 years old kid may have. This m makes them the perfect tool for you to feel less lonely and isolated.

With your new pet, you can now how someone to accompany you around town.

7. Find the experts that you need – doctor, dentist, and even your hairstylist.

As to finding a new hobby, you will also need to find these expert or professional in Iowa. They will also help you gain familiarity with the community. Who knows, they may even be the first friends you have in the community.

8. ADD or FOLLOW local businesses in Iowa

Nowadays, social media is an amazing platform in getting to know other people around the corner. You’ll get to know more faces and names through their social media accounts.

Local businesses in Iowa also have Facebook or Instagram accounts. You can follow them to see updates. This helps increase your feeling of belongingness.

9. Do things on your own – even if you have a significant other.

Explore, discover and try new things on your own so you can be comfortable in the surroundings, even without your partner. Often time, partners are always beside each other trying out new things. However, you need to learn to be a maverick so you won’t feel lonely, even if your partner is away.

10. Commit or Carry-out

Treat your move as your new relationship with someone and give it a chance. When you’re into a new relationship, you have a commitment to oblige. You need to provide chances into getting to know more and do not compare your new partner to the old one. That’s how it would like when moving into a new place. Just like in a relationship, if you don’t give it your all to make it work, you won’t be able to see what’s in the store for you.

It might scare you at first but you just have to take a step forward to move forward.

Are you ready to make your move to your new Iowa home? Let us help you move fast and convenient. Contact us.

10 Tips When Moving for a Fresh Start in Iowa (Part 1 of 2)

Have you ever felt like your life is becoming a routine?

Have you ever felt nostalgic upon looking at a certain place?

Have you ever wished to have a time machine to go back from the start and see things differently?

Some of us are in the same place where our parents have been born and raised, and sometimes we even settle there until we have own family. But have you ever thought of moving out and nestling to another place? Where you can have a new and fresh start?

Starting over in a new place, such as Iowa, can give you the chance to renew yourself and everything you’ve been thinking your whole life. It’s also a chance for you to leave some baggage that was weighing you down, may it be a person or an event even a memory that is not of help for you to grow yourself. It can also mean an opportunity to find a new job, new friends and new local networks.

Making that big move is your ticket in reconstructing your life base on how the way you want to see and feel it. You’ll be able to go outside your comfort zone that may not be pleasant at first but it can shove you to become a divergent thinker. Below are the 10 tips When Moving Over for a Fresh Start that can make your “ Big Move “ as easy as possible.

1. Decorate, Unpack and Organize – as soon as possible after you’ve moved.

It’s hard to feel at home when your things áre still on boxes and placed all over your new house.

Take one step at a time. Decorate your place the way you want it to have a brighter angle. Unpack the things and sort it out to where you’ll place it according to its usage. Organize your stuff so there’ll be less clutter and finding important things will be easy. In this way, you’ll start to feel getting hold of your sanctuary.

2. Explore Iowa – Go outside

Don’t be afraid to roam around even if it’s a new place in Iowa. Getting to know your new surroundings is a significant feeling at home.

Look out for grocery stores where you can buy your essential needs, parks and local bike paths where you can take a walk or run in, and maybe a beach or a nearby resort if you’re lucky.

3. Find a new hobby in Iowa – that fits your style.

You might have a regular gym, a basketball court or a park in your old place. But since you are in a new circle in Iowa, you might want to try what the locals have to offer. You may find something that can be the same as what you’ve been up to before or you might just find something that is interest thing and new.

4. Go to events in Iowa

This might be difficult for a homebody or an introvert BUT you gotta get out. For sure you’ll get an invite from your new neighbors in Iowa since you’re the new one. Give this a shot. This can help you feel part of the community rather than a stranger.

5. Be stoical in making new acquaintances.

You need to be patient on this matter since you’re acquainting with new people, new personalities and new perspectives. Just be positive and bright about this, it may not be right away but you’ll sure to gain new friends.

We’ve got more tips for you to start fresh in Iowa. Visit us tomorrow for the continuation of this blog.

5 Reasons Why People Are Moving Back To Iowa

“Iowa Nice”

This seems to be the new slogan going around town and people are giving their two thumbs-up with this statement.

Who wouldn’t agree with it? Here in Iowa, everyone is treated like family. The cost of living is low yet you get great perks to enjoy with your family and loved ones. No wonder may millennials who had their childhood in Iowa are now returning back home.

Iowa: Home Sweet Home

For those who have lived in Iowa, it will not be too hard to convince them that it is a great place to raise a family. Thus, after experiencing the life in the big metropolis and meeting their special someone, they are convinced that there is no better place to settle in but here in Iowa.

Yes! The weather can be extremely cold during the winter season, but the warmth and concern you receive from everyone in the community are more than enough for you to want to stay with it for good.

For those who have returned, they are convinced that letting their children experience a similar childhood is the best way for them to become better persons in the future. Thus, rather than staying in unfamiliar territory, they have returned and established their own shelter near their extended families.

As a result, they can easily visit their parents while their children appreciate the love, attention and appreciation these adults have for them.

How about the school system?

Iowa has an amazing school system. It’s clean, healthy, safe and entertaining. Thus giving your little ones the best foundation.

Iowa: Easier commute time

While other states require train travel before you can go to another location, here at Iowa just using your vehicle is enough to see a movie, go outdoors, or have an escapade. You don’t even need to spend a plane ticket just to enjoy the weekend with your family.

Thus, it makes it easier to balance life and work. This makes everything less stressful and more convenient.

As a result, everyone can spend quality time with the family. This includes:

  • Watching the basketball games with the kids
  • Enjoying a movie over the weekend
  • Spending a barbecue with the grandparents

Iowa has all the nice things without the annoying 40-minutes traffic. Isn’t that enough reason to start packing and planning to move here permanently?

Iowa: Expanding opportunities

With more millennials coming back to Iowa for good, many start-up companies have also considered it as a great location to start business. Given the pool of professionals returning to the city, it is not surprising to see Iowa increase its popularity, even more, this 2019.

Do’s and Don’ts When Moving In Together in Iowa

Valentines has just passed. By now, you may have realized that you and your special someone to share a spark that may most likely last a lifetime. It’s finally time to move in together.

What are the do’s and don’ts when moving in?

Here are some tips to make your moving in together more hassle-free.

1. Get rid of duplicates.

Now that you are sharing your life together,  you may find several items worth selling, donating or tossing out before the move. This includes:

  • Dressers
  • Sofas
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Beds

Deciding which among these duplicates will stay in your new place makes a lot of difference that can help you save or even earn money.


This lessens the number of boxes that will be accounted for by your professional mover in Cedar Rapids. Rather than having 12 boxes for each of your belongings, if you can reduce this to just 6 or 8, then it means only having to pay half the price.

This amount can then be used for your future together.

Moreover, this also makes your space less chaotic. Just imagine the clutter of having two beds, two tables, several chairs! That is just too many furniture in one small space unless you are moving into a BIG location.

2. Decide if you will hop into another person’s apartment or completely move to a new one

This may sound trivial, but some couples result in breaking up only because they have failed to discuss this matter. There are many factors you need to consider when deciding about this. These factors include:

  • Travel to work
  • Accommodation for pets
  • Neighbourhood amenities such as shopping, restaurants, gyms, park
  • Safety and security

Thus, to avoid conflict many couples prefer to choose a new home as they start a new chapter together.

This is a great option as you will have the liberty to create a uniform interior design that is agreeable to both of your aesthetic preferences.

3. Choosing to do DIY or hiring a professional mover in Iowa to help you

Now comes the last part. It is time to move. How will you do it? Will do you do it on your own or ask the help of a professional mover in Iowa to do it for you?

At first, a do-it-yourself approach seems fun. But if you don’t have the vehicle to move your furniture, then better forget about it. Rather, choose a company that understands your desire to start a new chapter in your life. Someone, that wouldn’t charge you more than you should pay.

Contact White Glove Movers and see how cost effective we can make it for you. Get a quick quote request, today.