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5 Significant Questions You Need to Ask Before Dealing with a Moving Company

Before making your big move to a new house in Iowa, you need to take your decisions into consideration. From choosing the supplies you need for moving, the moving date, There are simply many questions you need to ask yourself. Thus, your to-do list can be overwhelming and long.

Due to these reasons, the most significant decision you can make is finding the best moving company in Iowa for your needs. How do you know if they are the best in Iowa? Here are some questions you need to ask:

1. Are they licensed?

Checking the moving company’s license is important. There are movers out there that work illegally. If you end up with them you are risking yourself from scams and unprofessional movers. All professional moving company are registered and has a license number given by the government authorities.

Selecting a licensed moving company to help you move in Iowa ensures you, your family, and your belonging’s safety. You can hold them liable for any damages with your stuff.

2. What’s their experience in your type of move?

Your moving type can either be different or the same with their past clients. You can ask them if they have any experience with your specific type of move. You might be moving from a high-rise apartment building to a new residential house in Iowa. You can ask if they have experience with steep stairs, elevators, small pathways or parking restrictions.

3. What will be the coverage of their liability?

Before signing a deal with a moving company and letting the handle your valuables, check their liability coverage. Mishaps while transporting your things can happen, so you should know the liability coverage they offer. You can also check the company’s licensed insurance. The insurance takes the cover of any damages.

4. Can they provide you a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimation?

Make sure to ask for a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimation so you are aware of the possible fee for their service. Ask for the condition that can make the fees change. For example, if you need more man-hours or if your things are heavier than their quote, you might need to pay more. Also, check for possible add-ons and service fees. For a better option, choose a moving company that offers a binding quote.

5. Check their references

In hiring a moving company, you are like the employer and you wouldn’t hire an employee without background checking right. Same goes with hiring a moving company. Have a background check and see for any references for that company. Ask for customer reviews to see what are the experience of their past clients.

Before your big move to Iowa, do some homework in finding the moving company that will match your needs. If you are looking for professional movers in Iowa to help you, call us now and get quoted.

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