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25 Amazing Things You Should Explore in Iowa (Part 1 of 3)

Are you planning to move to Iowa? You’ve made a great decision as Iowa is home to 200 sunny days and four seasons for you to savor and enjoy. But before you get excited on your move to Iowa, here are some things you should add to your bucket list to ensure you get the most of your stay in this location.

1. See the Grotto of Redemption

This is the largest man-made grotto, which portrays the scenes in the life of Christ with the use of gems and stones from around the world. This makes it worth over $4,308,000.

No wonder this is visited by over 100,000 people each year. Come and explore it during your stay. It is open all year round for you to admire and explore.

2. Admire the Iowa Great Lakes

This is a charming avenue in Iowa and the perfect family getaway during the summer season. Who wouldn’t?

This brags of deep blue waters, country antique shops and meandering bike trails that you will definitely love and enjoy. Indulge with its small town wonders while sipping beer with your folks.

A week’s stay at this place is perfect for anyone who just wants to relax and unwind. Go schedule a trip during the holiday season so you can spend quality time with the entire family.

3. Explore Ledges Park

The beauty of this natural gem in Iowa may have changed over the course of the decades, but this makes it even more worth it to visit and explore with your kids. Educate them with the need to care for nature as they come face-to-face with towering trees, streams, and huge boulders.

Let them experience what it feels like without technology for a day or two to make it even more fulfilling and inspiring for your children.

4. Have a photo at the Covered Bridges of Madison County

If you are a Clint Eastwood fan, then the movie “Bridges of Madison County” is something you wouldn’t have missed.

Each year, during the second full weekend in October, Madison County becomes hoses to thousands of visitors who come and celebrate these historic covered bridges.

Why were these covered in the first place?

These were covered because back then, it was cheaper to replace the boards of the roof and walls than the heavy beams of the bridge.

5. Get Festive with the National Balloon Classic

With 100 hot air balloons floating in the sky, this is one festival you wouldn’t want to miss in Iowa. The event began in 1970 and has continued on until today.

Be amazed with the site of these hot air balloons floating in the sky every July. Move into Iowa to better enjoy these festivities this 2020.

6. Immerse in the Field of Dreams Movie Set

A classic film that brings so many memories to any baseball enthusiast, the Field of Dreams Movie set is one of those places in Iowa you wouldn’t miss.

Step into the same field that Kevin Costner and the rest of the crew of the Field of Dream walked, run and ate. Reminisce about their journey and the values that they left in the hearts of the viewers who have watched the movie.

7. Visit The Governor’s Mansion (Terrace Hill) During the Christmas Season

At Terrace Hill, Christmas is taken very seriously. Thus, each year an entire day is dedicated just to decorate each of the rooms inside the mansion for the holiday season. This means florists and organisations getting inside the mansion and adding a touch of holiday magic to it.

At present, it is available for public viewing from March until December. However, it can only be viewed with a tour guide. Self-guide tours are not allowed.

8. Bike the Crookedest Street (The Snake Alley)

There are no snakes in this alley, but the street was constructed like a snake it is really a tough challenge for any biker to complete this trail.

This alley curves over a distance of 275 feet (83.8 m), rising 58.3 ft (17.8 m), a 21% grade, from Washington Street to Columbia Street. It is composed of blue clay bricks and limestone and is a good stop-over if you are near this place.

Read more fun and unique places to go and explore in Iowa. Keep on following our blog for more info and tips.

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