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7 Things To Keep in Mind When Moving To A New Place in Iowa

Are you leaving your old town and moving to a new place?

Have you planned for everything?

Is everything settled?

Leaving your old house and moving to a new place can get messy. This can even be draining both physically and mentally. This makes the experience both exciting and painful at the same time, especially when people tend to forget the necessary things to do in order to avoid chaos.

Plan ahead of time. Keep in mind these 7 things when you’re moving to a new place in Iowa.


Moving out to a new place needs a lot of planning.

List down your itinerary. Estimate the time you need to accomplish tasks.

Plan ahead and don’t be a deadline artist. Last minute packing can give you crams and might end up forgetting an important thing with such hurry. Thus, creating a checklist will give you peace of mind.


Most of the time, you tend to bring all of your old things to your new place. Little do you know that this is a perfect opportunity for you to throw away or sell (for extra money) your old unusable furniture.

Transporting too much furniture can cost you time and money. So sell your not so useful things. In this manner, you have not only eliminated your clutters but you have also earned money at the same time.

Moving to your new place gives you the chance to redecorate. Design it better than what you had before. Buy new furniture that will fit your place. It will definitely transform it into a new place with a new perspective!


When moving to a new place, you’ll need help with transportation. If you’re moving a lot of luggage, especially the heavy ones, it is best for you to hire professional movers. A professional moving company in Iowa can help you move faster and smoother.

But do not just wait for the movers to come in, make sure to yourself that you got everything on your boxes. Get your things ready beforehand to avoid wasting time and effort.


Just as you need to choose the best moving company, you should also choose the right moving supplies such as

  • Boxes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Papers

You should use these bubble wraps and boxes that are well insulated for fragile things to avoid breakage. These includes:

  • Lamps
  • LED bulbs
  • Plates
  • Cups

All of these has to be properly packed for it to safely transferred. You can also use clothes to wrap fragile things to protect them better and reduce your cost in boxes.


Important stuff such as:

  • Certificates
  • IDs
  • House documents

These things should be pack in one place to prevent misplacing them.

Pack these things first, but do not put them first on your packages. Rather make these the last items to enter your moving truck. As much as possible, keep it near you in case you need them.


Write description labels on your boxes to easily identify the content inside. It will be easy for you to look for your things especially when it’s unpacking time.

Unpacking can take up several days, and with the labels, you don’t have to search every box to look for things you need. It will save you time, money, and effort in the end.


You might have friends or family in the new city you’re moving in, you can contact them and tell them when you’re arriving. They can help you in moving to your new place. They can even help you familiarized the surrounding. Just be sure to reward them!

May you enjoy your new place!!!

Have a safe moving!

7 Things To Consider When Moving to a New Place in Iowa

Moving to a new city is a unique experience. But how ready are you for this?

If you haven’t planned the things you need for moving to a new place, here are the 7 things for you should consider when moving to Iowa.

1. Basic Needs

We all have basic necessities to consider. Thus it is important to know the expenses you’ll encounter when moving to Iowa. Check the prices of:

Basic utilities


Health care


You should also consider the cost of transportation. Sometimes, this is forgotten by some but this is something you should also think about.

2. Housing Cost

Apartment and house expenses vary in different cities and state, including Iowa. If you plan to purchase a house, check what the city has to offer and calculate if it matches your budget.

3. Employment

We all have financial responsibility. Moving to a new city is a chance for you to find a new job. Check out the industries available in the new city you are relocating.

Consider what type of job you are looking, then see if employment is possible in your chosen city in Iowa.

4. Neighborhood

Search the kind of environment of the place you are moving in. Check for quality schools for your children, the grocery stores, hospital and the crime rate of the place. The place should make you feel safe and comfortable. Otherwise, look for a different location.

5. How will it affect the quality of your life

How’s the ambiance of the place? Does it have places for your interest and hobbies? Is there any mall? Is there any internet connection?

You have to take these things into consideration when moving to a new city. These things are factors that affect the quality of your life. Even the simplest factor like a near convenience store is to consider.

6. Cost of living

The cost of living is different in different cities. There are places where you can live with a low cost. This is one of the tough things you have to consider when moving to a new city.

If you are moving because of professional reason (higher salary) the cost of living won’t be a problem. But if that is not the case, you must consider the cost of living as it will affect your way cash flow.

Rule of Thumb: Don’t move in if the cost of living in a new city will bury you with expenses.

7. Prepare a checklist

Ensure you have a list of everything you need to prepare before moving to your new home in Iowa.

For a smooth, safe and hassle-free move to your new city, call a dependable and reputable moving company such as White Gloves Movers. We deliver professional moving services both for residential and commercial needs.

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To complete our list, here are the remaining 5 places in Iowa which you may consider as your new home this 2019.


Beside the Mississippi River and on the border of Iowa and Illinois is Davenport, the house of Saint Ambrose University and Palmer College of Chiropractic, where the first chiropractic acculturation took place. This is a city that offers 50 parks and 20 miles recreational paths wherein motorist can access four interstate.

It has a number of point of interest including the following:

  • Davenport Library
  • Davenport Skybridge
  • Figge Art Museum
  • River Music Experience
  • Putnam Museum

You can never be bored in this place for the entertainments and activities it has to offer. It is a diverse city that has a monthly festival that celebrates culture. You’ll also find several fun activities for families and friend.

Surely, Davenport gives you the feeling of a big city while living in a small town. Need help moving in? Let us help you.


This place also offers a vast number of job opportunities since it holds large employers such as:

Tyson Fresh Meats

Sioux City Community School District

Mercy Medical  Center

St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center City of Sioux City

185th Air Refueling Wing

MorningSide College

Curly’s Food

Tri-State Nursing

MidAmerican Energy

This makes it a haven for unemployed people because you’ll definitely get a job in this side of Iowa.  This makes it a nice place to provide for a family. It also has enough parks and recreational facilities, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and restaurants, shopping centers, and a thriving arts community with many cultural experiences available that are close enough to larger metropolitan areas and specialty hospitals.


This is the home of the University of Northern Iowa, a public university, that offers more than 90 majors across the colleges of Business AdministrationEducationHumanitiesArts, and SciencesSocial and Behavioral Sciences and graduate college.

Cedar Falls held 41 parks and 29 miles of recreational trails along with a natural forest and wetland areas. So if you’re a hiker or a nature lover, the City has it for you. It is home millennials who can’t live without internet access.

The city also owns its power, gas and water, and cable TV service and because of this, Cedar Falls Utilities provides gigabit speeds to its residents. Slow internet connection has no space for this place.


Part of an 11-mile asphalt Summer Set trail ins south-central in Iowa is Indianola. It is home to the National Balloon Classic and National Balloon Museum, which is a great deal for the balloon aficionados.

The City has an amiable and helpful environment, wonderful food and a Good Wine. It also ensures a safe environment for everyone because of the security system that keeps things in calm.


Past the river from Iowa City and the University of Iowa is the Coralville that houses the Iowa Firefighter’s Memorial. It has a 20 miles recreational trails and quality park system in place. The transit system is excellent that makes traveling comfortable and easy to go around. It has several places where you can go for shopping, entertainment, and nightlife.

Coralville also has reasonable taxes for everybody. A sublime, nurturing community to immerse yourself in with enough resources to raise a healthy family.

Have you now found the perfect Iowa to move into? Let us help you make the move. Talk to us.


Looking for a place to live in?

Just starting up a family? Or

Thinking of a safer place to raise your kids?

Hey, maybe here’s what you’re looking for – Top 10 Places to Live in IOWA


Are you looking for a home where a reputable university is near? Iowa City is a great deal for you since it houses the University of Iowa, one of the most reputable universities in the suburbs. Along with these, the city has the University of Iowa Hospitals and clinics that serve the community of its medical needs. The city has different entertainment venue and night spots enough to cater to students. Iowa City had been listed as one on the top list city for doing business in the U.S.  The cost of living is affordable and job opportunities can be seen left and right. By the way, the ACT college testing service is settled here.


Have a heart for oats? Well, Cedar Rapids has a large Quaker Oats mill. Other large companies have facilities in Cedar Rapids like Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill, General Mills, Toyota Financial Services and Nordstrom, that’s why the job is abundant and not hard to find here. Life amenities includes 74 parks, two major hospitals, museums and theatres, one of them is the Paramount theatre.

Cedar Rapids a.k.a “City of Five Seasons”, for the fifth season is the time to enjoy the other four. Cedar Rapids has a humid climate with long, cold and at often times brutal winters with plenty of snow, while its summers were hot and humid. So if you’re into snow but not for a long time, this place is for you.


A fresh start or growing family? West Des Moines can cater to your needs for a kick start. It’s a growing community with a lot of opportunities. The city gives the residents the suburban feel and most of them own their home since the cost of living is low. Restaurants, coffee shops, and parks are just around the corner, everything is at hands reach. Also, the city has an excellent transportation system, with interstate 35, 80 and 235 bringing more business to the city. You don’t have to worry about being unemployed in this place! Great place for the conservative people who don’t like radical scenes.


Best known for the Iowa State University the birthplace of Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the world’s first electronic digital computer. ISU has produced numerous Astronauts, Scientist, Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, and other notable individuals in their particular fields. So if your child is inclined in science you might want to consider the place. The city has 15,000 employees and 35,000 students. A high-spirited neighborhood of student apartments, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Ames has a vast number of parks and arboretums for people to enjoy. Residents are extremely acquaintable. In 2010, Ames was ranked ninth on the CNNMoney’s “Best Place to Live In” list.


The capital of Iowa, it ranks as one of the wealthiest cities in America. For people whose mind is into insurance, you should have Des Moines on your list. The city is a major center of the U.S insurance industry, and has substantial financial services and publishing business base. It was credited as the “number one spot for U.S insurance companies”  in a Business Wire article. Also, the city serves as a headquarters for numerous companies such as Principal Financial Group, EMC Insurance Group, Fidelity and Guaranty Life, Allied Insurance and a lot more. And because of this, the city has been referred to as the “Hartford f the West” .  Business minded? This is a sure win for you.


An appealingly charming community that is experiencing a vigorous residential growth, home to the nationally acclaimed Marion Arts Festival along with more than 40 parks and green spaces. The crime rate in the city is very low because of the safety measures that are applied. A peaceful and quiet community to live in. It is a town where you can feel safe to let your children play around without fear. If you’re looking for a secured environment or prefer the relaxing atmosphere for retirement, Marion is your home.

Do you need help moving into these places? Contact us to get a quick quote request. We are happy to help.