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List of Extra Fees and Costs Your Mover In Iowa May Charge

Not all moving companies in Iowa are created equal. Some are transparent with the service fee you will be paying them, while some will keep you in the dark on what to expect when your invoice is handed over to you.

To avoid being surprised by the bill you need to pay, here are some fees and costs that may be charged to you by your moving company:

Accessorial Charges

There are certain activities that may not fall into any of the standard service charges these moving companies may charge. Some of this may include:

  •  Extra pick-ups
  •  Packing or unpacking services
  •  Disassembling furniture

For this purpose, you may find an accessorial charge added to your invoice. To ensure you will not get one, ask in advance if they will be willing to disassemble certain furniture in your house. If so, what will be the charge for these?

Appliance service

Sometimes, you need a professional who will disassemble some of your appliances. If you do this via your moving company, then expect them to charge you for this service. Some of the common appliances that may require these are:

  • Dryers
  • Washers
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers

So do think carefully if you still want these appliances to move with you, or you will be giving it up for the new owner of your place.

Auxillary Service

You never know when your moving team will encounter a problem, especially if you haven’t properly scouted your new home. An instance such as no adequate parking or narrow road can restrict your moving truck to pass along. This would require your moving company in Iowa to transfer your goods to a smaller truck.

These hassles have auxiliary fees that will be shouldered by the customer. So if you wish to avoid paying any of these, it is best to check if nothing will block the truck’s entry to your new locations.

Elevator Carry

Are you moving to a condo unit in Iowa? Will this require your mover to carry the furniture through an elevator?

Inquire in advance if there will be additional charges for these types of move. Most movers will charge you for this service. Thus, it is best to be aware of how much you will be charged for this purpose.

Flight Charges

Your furniture may not be flying, but if your mover will need to carry your items to the next floor of the building then additional charges may apply to this. If you live on the third floor then a two-level flight charge may be added to your moving fee.


One of the best ways to avoid getting surprised with these fees is to ask your Iowa moving company upfront about these matters. Also, read this article to know the do’s and don’ts when dealing with moving companies in Iowa.

Things to consider when moving to Iowa during Winter

Moving to Iowa on a winter maybe a cheap option, but this is something you should think twice, especially with snowstorm frequently visiting this area.

What to expect during an Iowa Winter Storm?

So how does an Iowa winter storm look like? It is often characterized by rain with snow and occasional sleet. This makes it easier for vehicles to drive on the road. As a result, your moving day may be moved to a different date.

Due to this, it is important to know the policy of your moving company in Iowa for situations like this. Will they be willing to postpone to move? If so will there be additional charges if you move it to a different date?

Be clear with this and put it into writing.

As for your new home, it is also best to discuss this matter with your real estate agent or landlord. Since you can’t move out because of the storm, whoever would wish to occupy your place will also find it difficult, if not impossible to move it. What options would you be given should this issue arise.

Create a travel route

If it’s not possible to move your transfer to a different date, then the next best solution for you to make is to find the safest route. Check if the highways are open and if these areas are safe for travel.

Write emergency phone numbers and websites and place it in your wallet so you can easily ask for help should you be stranded somewhere along the road. Better yet, look for a location where you can stay overnight in case you do need to stop.

Ensure your car is well maintained

Your most trusted while on the road to your new home in Iowa would be your car. So guarantee that is in good condition before you hit the road by checking the following:

– Are all the fluids topped up?

– Are the tires and breaks working well?

– Is the engine in good condition?

Bring an extra gas can with you, kitty litter, or a windshield fluid. Pack a good snow shovel and emergency blanket should you need this while on the road.

Do you have other winter tips to share with other movers? Be happy to share it with us.

25 Amazing Things You Should Explore in Iowa (Part 3 of 3)

As we come to the last leg of this three-part series, we feature unique customs only Iowans would appreciate and be proud of.

14. Tacos and pizza’s go together in Iowa

Yes! You won’t have a hard time deciding whether you should eat tacos or pizza if you do decide to live in Iowa because here in Iowa, both are smashed together.

15. They love their ranch dressing.

You need to get used to ranch dressing added to almost any of the dishes here in Iowa. This means adding it to their fries, pizzas, tacos and cheese curds.

So it’s best to get used to this as well.

16. Learn the farmer wave

You know you are in Iowa when you start noticing people doing a unique wave called the “farmer’s wave.” It’s short and simple but is enough to say hello to someone.

17. Try the Iowa Martini

This Iowan Martini is a combination of beer and olives. Yes! It’s olives placed on beer.

So don’t be surprised if you see someone in Iowa drinking this in a bar.

18. They travel just to see a cow made of butter

It is a wonder how someone can create a cow made from butter, but this is a delight to many Iowans. Thus, they travel miles just to see the Iowa State Fair.

Once you move into Iowa, you’ll appreciate why this is such a phenomenon.

19. Trick or Treat is indeed practiced during Halloween

Your kids may find it a bit odd that they do need to do a trick, may it be corny Halloween Joke or song, before someone gives them their goodies. But this is one thing that distinguishes Iowa from other states in the US.

20. Politics is a big deal in Iowa

Politics is just not a name one writes come election day. It is strictly scrutinized. No wonder the phrase “Iowa First” has been coined because citizens in this area do sit down to know what the candidates are going to offer them.

21. You are guaranteed to enjoy your Quaker Oat Cereals here.

This is home to Quaker Oats, the largest cereal company in the world. That only means one thing – you’ll never run out of your cereals.

22. See the view of three states through the Fenelon Place Elevator in Dubuque

Yes! It is only possible here in Iowa via the Fenelon Place Elevator in Dubuque. Head over there and see it for yourself.

Another unique trivia about this elevators is this:

It’s the shortest and steepest railway in the world.

23. Climb the Big Treehouse

Feel like a kid once again while climbing the BIG TREEHOUSE in Marshalltown. This 12 level treehouse is complete with running water, porch swings, electricity, and a connected museum.

This is really one thing you shouldn’t miss to explore.

24. Have a Drive at the Roller Coaster Road

There is always something unique to find and enjoy in Iowa. It is found in Northeast Iowa’s Allamakee County. Bring the kids and your friends over for a road trip escapade because this is truly one thing you will remember for the rest of your life.

25. This is not to brag but ultimately, a good reason why you would want to be coined as an Iowa is because of the following:

1. It has one of the highest literacy rates, if not the highest, in the nation.

2. It has the highest graduation rate.

3. It is hailed as one of the safest states to live in.

Source: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/iowa/13-reasons-proud-ia/

Are you still having second thoughts on why you should move to Iowa this 2020? I think we’ve covered all the basics. It is one of the best choices. So what are you waiting for? Call us so we can help you with your move.

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