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Benefits of Choosing a Privately Owned Moving Company

One of the most important decisions during your moving process is whether or not you’ll be working with a moving company. Choosing a reputable company can make or break the moving experience. However, the homeowners who are willing to do the physical labor, handle the logistics of moving, or simply believe they can’t afford to work with movers are missing out.

Finding a quality moving company may seem like an impossible task, but when you break it down, it really isn’t. They key is to do your due diligence and research who you’re considering working with. Once you find the right moving company for you, the end result will be worth the digging.

When you start speaking to your friends, coworkers, or in your online research, you may come across some horror stories of moving companies that quote homeowners with lowball prices only to jack them up later in the middle of the move. Then there are the stories where some moving companies hold property hostage until the homeowners fork over some more cash.

These examples are clearly some of the worst out there, but unfortunately, instances like this do happen. Since you’re looking for the sure-fire way to determine which moving company is right for your family, and what the advantages of choosing a privately owned company are, we’ve come up with a list of benefits.

1. They’re local

Choosing a privately owned residential mover that’s in your area will help you avoid being tricked into doing business with a shifty moving company that operates only on the web. Whether you’re planning a long distance move or are relocating to the other side of town, you can actually visit a local company’s office, see their equipment, and get a feel for how they operate.

2. Estimates are available

In your research, you should obtain at least three written in-home estimates from different professional movers. A good locally owned company will be honest with you and upfront about the cost so there’s no confusion later. If the company offers to do a phone or online estimate without sending someone to the site, be cautious as this may be a scam.

3. Dedicated service

A locally owned and operated moving company wants you to be happy with the moving experience. Here in Iowa, we know how good it feels to have someone looking out for your best interests when they’re providing you a service. We take care of our neighbors here, which means you’ll get good-quality service leading up to, on, and after moving day is over.

4. Personalized moving services

Business chains tend to focus on taking as much work as possible, which often takes away from the customer experience. Locally owned and operated businesses depend on their customers in a more direct way, which means they want their customers to be happy. Choose a privately owned company to help you through the moving process so you can avoid unpleasant experiences.

White Glove Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company that helps people in Eastern Iowa with local, interstate, and intrastate moves. Because we’re locally owned, we can charge less than our national competitors because we have lower overhead costs.

We offer packing services as well as large item moving. Whether you’re moving to the other side of Iowa or across the country, we’re here to make moving day a breeze. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate.

Moving in the Summer? Don’t Sweat it!

There’s no question that summertime in Iowa is one of the most popular times to move – it’s also the hottest time.

It is estimated that 70 percent of all moves take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, which means peak moving season is just around the corner for those of us here in Cedar Rapids and Marion, Iowa.

The sweltering summer months present many challenges to homeowners who go it alone including higher moving costs and hot, humid weather. They’ll also be lifting your heavy boxes and furniture under the blaze of the summer sun.

One of the best ways you can avoid the hassle, and frankly hard work, that comes with moving is by working with a residential moving company.

Here are four reasons working with a residential mover is better in the summer.

1. Avoid damage

Moving doesn’t always go as smoothly as you plan. When curveballs are tossed your way, some of your belongings may end up in your vehicle or rental truck for too long. The thick Iowa humidity can quickly damage your valuable items including antique furniture, art, vinyl albums, books, and more.

If you hire a professional residential mover, your items will be handled quickly and efficiently, which means you can avoid headaches and potential property loss.

2. It goes faster

Professional movers know a thing or two about getting the job done in the most efficient way possible. They’re not attached to your items but they know how to handle them with respect. When the moving team shows up on the scene you know it’s “go time.” They’ll take care of moving your items from point A to B so you can get to the unpacking part.

Professional movers will also stick to a schedule so you don’t have to worry about getting off track on moving day.

3. You don’t do the heavy lifting

If the thought of lifting and maneuvering your heavy couch from the back of the moving truck into your home doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you should consider working with a professional residential mover. The moving team will handle everything from packing your items to placing them on the truck and bringing them into your new home.

If you did the packing, you movers can place your items in the correct rooms so you don’t have to go searching for them later. This makes the entire moving process more streamlined and less stressful.

4. Skip the stress

The moving process can be stressful even in the heat of summer, but you can keep your cool when you work with a residential mover. Whether your new space is located across town or across the country, you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced team of movers and packers handling your belongings.

Is a local or long distance move in your future? Give the team at White Glove Movers a call. We’re happy to help make the moving process as easy as possible. We enjoy helping families in the Cedar Rapids and Marion areas move anywhere.

How to Use Moving and Storage Services

Regardless of the distance, moving can be a difficult time for any family. Everything may be going well until you find out that there’s a snag in the closing of your new home or an issue with your previous one.

If you’re stuck between homes and don’t know where you’re going to put all your stuff, consider using a moving company that also offers storage services. For a minimal amount of money, you can keep your items safe and secure while you wait for the all clear.

Whatever the issue is with your new home, here are some benefits to storing your belongings with your residential mover.

1. You get the space you need

No one looks forward to having to store their items. We understand that all you want to do is get settled in your new home. Since we’re aware that the moving process can quickly become frustrating, we offer storage services to our customers – and at the perfect size!

Your storage space will be large enough for all of your belongings and sometimes that doesn’t happen when you select a standalone storage unit. White Glove Movers will make sure your items are safe and sound so you can focus on getting your family into your new home.

2. Store items for as long as you need

One of the biggest draws of storing your items with your mover is the fact you can use the space for as long as you need. A lot of things come up during the moving process so keeping your items in one central location during your move means you can let your storage provider know ASAP when something changes and your items are ready to be moved again.

3. Have your items moved for you

It’s easy to think that transporting your belongings from one home to another is no big deal. But when you start looking around the room and think about all the boxes that will start appearing, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t do this by yourself.

Remember that during your residential move, everything will be moved at least twice. Your items need to be packed in a way that keeps them safe. Then, they’ll be moved to the moving truck and your new home. When you add a storage unit to the mix, you’re moving your items more than you initially thought.

A residential mover that offers storage services is incredibly convenient. Not only will the moving company make sure your belongings are safe and secure, but they’ll also move your items from the storage space to the new place.

During the process of planning a residential move, there are several things that can go wrong. Sometimes the things that go haywire are minor and sometimes you have to store the majority of your belongings for a week to two weeks at a time.

White Glove Movers is a locally owned and operated residential moving company that can take care of every aspect of moving. From packing services to interstate and intrastate moving, we’re happy to do it all. Should you hit a snag during the moving process, a storage unit may be the way to go.

Things to consider when moving to Iowa during Winter

When you’re planning to move, it’s easy to focus on all of the things inside your home that need to be packed up, labeled, and placed onto the moving truck. But what about the odds and ends that you’ve forgotten about? The belongings in your shed and garage need to go with you too.

The random objects that you have around your home such as lawnmowers, tools, and kayaks can be challenging to move. Garages are catch-alls, so you may feel like you need a whole truck just to haul the items in yours.

Instead of worrying about moving the oddly-shaped, sharp, and heavy items in your garage and tool shed yourself, consider letting a professional moving team do the work for you.

Here are some of the top reasons you should let the professionals move the belongings you have in your garage:

1. It’s easier

Let’s be honest. Hiring a packing and moving service is much easier than doing it yourself. You’ll be busy coordinating service end and start dates, keeping your family organized, and managing your time that you’ll love having the help around the garage.

If you’ve gone out to the garage recently and just stared at the tools, lawn equipment, and hazardous materials, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. These items won’t pack themselves, so why not let the movers handle it?

2. Avoid hazardous materials

Your home is not a chemical factory but you probably have some hazardous items around the garage and tool shed that should be disposed of properly.

Get rid of all oil, gas, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers before moving day. None of these items are allowed on a moving truck, so you’re better off to nip things in the bud and dispose of them properly ahead of time.

3. They’ll move your lawnmower

Lawnmowers are necessary in Iowa but they can be bears to move. Your residential mover can move your mower from point A to B but you should do a few things first to get it ready for the trip.

Before moving day, make sure your lawn mower and weed-eater are emptied of oil, gas, and any other lubricants. To protect them during the move, take some cardboard or lots of packing paper and create a protective shell for each spark plug.

Lawnmower and weed-eater spark plugs are easier to protect than replace, so take the short time now to do this and you’ll be good to go.

4. Tools are heavy

Ever try to pick up a box of heavy tools? Yeah, no one enjoys that.

A residential moving team like White Glove Movers offers packing services so you don’t have to do a thing except tell us where you want your items. We’re even happy to pack up the items in your garage and tool shed.

We’re expert packers, which means we know how many tools can be placed into one box so no one has trouble picking it up later.

If you’re located in Cedar Rapids or Marion, Iowa and need help with your residential move, White Glove Movers is ready to work with you. We specialize in local and long-distance moves as well as packing services. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free estimate.