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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Moving In

To avoid unwanted events when moving in, we have compiled a comprehensive list of things that you should not do when moving in:

1.Do not underestimate

It is common for us to underestimate the amount of time that we need in completing the packing,moving, unloading, and unpacking of our belongings. It is always better to allow sufficient time rather than underestimating. Having enough time will allow you to check on important things such as packing everything that you need and checking whether the new house is all set or not.

2. Do not even the unnecessary stuff

It’s not easy to know whether you will need that one particular item or not, so might as well bring it along. Most of us think that way, but to tell you honestly, it will only add up to your moving cost and may only make the living space tighter and crowded.  Evaluate your belongings and come up with a list that you will be needing in the new house.

3. Do not hire inexperienced movers

Do not get easily swayed by cheap moving costs. Do not risk losing your valuables because shady movers can steal your boxes. Spend a little more money for experienced movers and save yourself from troubles.

4. Not scheduling properly

Have a timetable. Plan weeks or even months prior to moving day.It might be convenient for most people to plan a day before moving day, but their items are not well organized. Some stuff might be left out and movers might not be able when booked a few days prior to the moving day.

5. Not backing up important files

Be sure to back your important files up before plugging out your computer devices. Not doing so may lead to loss of important documents or paperwork that you have worked on for along period of time.

6. Not preparing your pets

It will be stressful for pets to adapt to new surroundings. It will take them time to finally be comfortable to the new place. Be sure to visit a vet before moving so that they can recommend what’s best for your pet during the moving in process.

7. Not having a bag for survival

Pack a survival kit.You may need them during the travel period. You would not want to unload and look for that particular box which contains maybe a medicine for a headache or motion sickness.

8. Not packing your valuables properly

Your valuables are your most expensive belongings. Cover them in protective layers of wrapping and place them somewhere that you can see when you travel to the new house.

9. Not having an insurance for your items

It is important to give your mover a call and know the information regarding their insurance policies. You would not want to have your items damaged and not make the mover responsible for it.

10. Not getting a careful estimate of expenses

The cost of moving might surprise you if you will not be meticulous about it. Always get multiple estimates from different trusted movers and weigh which is more cost-efficient or if the money you will be paying is worth the service that they will be rendering.

10 Common Issues When Moving In

Not all moving companies in Iowa are created equal. Some are transparent with the service fee you will be paying them, while some will keep you in the dark on what to expect when your invoice is handed over to you.

To avoid being surprised by the bill you need to pay, here are some fees and costs that may be charged to you by your moving company:

Accessorial Charges

There are certain activities that may not fall into any of the standard service charges these moving companies may charge. Some of this may include:

  •  Extra pick-ups
  •  Packing or unpacking services
  •  Disassembling furniture

For this purpose, you may find an accessorial charge added to your invoice. To ensure you will not get one, ask in advance if they will be willing to disassemble certain furniture in your house. If so, what will be the charge for these?

Appliance service

Sometimes, you need a professional who will disassemble some of your appliances. If you do this via your moving company, then expect them to charge you for this service. Some of the common appliances that may require these are:

  • Dryers
  • Washers
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers

So do think carefully if you still want these appliances to move with you, or you will be giving it up for the new owner of your place.

Auxillary Service

You never know when your moving team will encounter a problem, especially if you haven’t properly scouted your new home. An instance such as no adequate parking or narrow road can restrict your moving truck to pass along. This would require your moving company in Iowa to transfer your goods to a smaller truck.

These hassles have auxiliary fees that will be shouldered by the customer. So if you wish to avoid paying any of these, it is best to check if nothing will block the truck’s entry to your new locations.

Elevator Carry

Are you moving to a condo unit in Iowa? Will this require your mover to carry the furniture through an elevator?

Inquire in advance if there will be additional charges for these types of move. Most movers will charge you for this service. Thus, it is best to be aware of how much you will be charged for this purpose.

Flight Charges

Your furniture may not be flying, but if your mover will need to carry your items to the next floor of the building then additional charges may apply to this. If you live on the third floor then a two-level flight charge may be added to your moving fee.


One of the best ways to avoid getting surprised with these fees is to ask your Iowa moving company upfront about these matters. Also, read this article to know the do’s and don’ts when dealing with moving companies in Iowa.

Commercial Moving Tips for An Easy Iowa Business Relocation

As your business grows, you might need to relocate it to a bigger place. Moving a business is not as easy as moving a household – more work needs to be done in moving the furnishings, pieces equipment, and other stuff from the office to the new location. Moving may interrupt the operations of the business, but it can be lessened if these pointers will be kept in mind:

Plan your move as early as possible.

While moving households can be planned not too far enough in advance, you cannot rush planning corporate moving. Plan at least six months prior to the target move date so you won’t leave out any important matters.

Hire trusted movers

Furnishings, pieces of equipment and other business stuff are indeed expensive and you cannot afford to either lose or break them. Hire movers that have enough experience, manpower, and equipment to safely move the things to the new business location.

Assign tasks as the moving day nears

Make a list of tasks to be done for an orderly moving process. Assign them to your workers days before the moving day. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and you will be ensured that you did not leave out important things while packing.

Inform your employees ahead of time

Notify your workers as early as possible because they have the right to know beforehand. Imagine the stress that sudden news of relocating may bring to them. Your employees will have things to consider – whether or not should they continue being employed to your business despite being relocated to a place farther?

Inform your customers

Create notices for your customers so they will know where the business will be relocated.

Inform your vendors

Be sure to notify vendors with the new shipping and mailing address ahead of time. This will lessen the possible troubles that may arise if your vendors will ship supplies to the old business address.

Hire full-service movers

Hiring full-service mover is more convenient than availing a moving service alone. It will save you a lot of time and headache but is relatively more expensive than the moving service without full service.

IT equipment should be unloaded first

If you will move IT equipment such as computers, have them unloaded first because it may take time setting them up.

Moving business may require a lot of work, so be sure to plan ahead and take note of these tips!

No Hassle Christmas Holiday Moving Moving Service Iowa Provider

Moving from your old house to a new one is not a common thing to do during the holiday season, but it can be done. People move their households during the busiest time of the year because of reasons such as their job is relocated from one place to another or maybe a better job offer from another city.

Local movers offer moving services even during this holiday season. Here are some pointers to consider for a hassle-free moving:

Make sure that you allotted enough budget for it

Keep in mind that moving services during the winter season, service charges are relatively cheaper than the normal days, Christmas season, and New Year.

Book for moving services ahead of time

It may seem like moving services will not be fully booked during the holiday season, but it is better to be sure and book ahead of time. In addition to this, only a few local movers are open during this season, so looking for an available one may be difficult.

Full-service moving is more convenient

For a lesser work, consider booking for a full-service moving so you won’t be stressed over packing and carrying the heavy things that you will bring. This is more expensive than the moving service alone, but it will give you the leisure time to spend with your loved ones during the holiday season.

Pack your things according to classification

Keep things in order by putting stuff in a box that meets the classification assigned to that storage for easier unpacking. For example, clothes are to be kept together as well as the kitchen tools and utensils, and etc.

Pack the essentials last, but do not forget them

During the packing, you may pack the essentials first and might need to unpack them because you need to use them. Pack them last, but do not forget them.

Explain well to your children

It may be stressful not only for adults but for the kids as well. From the packing to settling into their new dwelling may be hard for them. Explain to them well and leave some of their stuff out for them to play or use to avoid boredom during the moving process. Ask for their help as well to notify family and close peers with the new home address.