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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Moving In

To avoid unwanted events when moving in, we have compiled a comprehensive list of things that you should not do when moving in:

1.Do not underestimate

It is common for us to underestimate the amount of time that we need in completing the packing,moving, unloading, and unpacking of our belongings. It is always better to allow sufficient time rather than underestimating. Having enough time will allow you to check on important things such as packing everything that you need and checking whether the new house is all set or not.

2. Do not even the unnecessary stuff

It’s not easy to know whether you will need that one particular item or not, so might as well bring it along. Most of us think that way, but to tell you honestly, it will only add up to your moving cost and may only make the living space tighter and crowded.  Evaluate your belongings and come up with a list that you will be needing in the new house.

3. Do not hire inexperienced movers

Do not get easily swayed by cheap moving costs. Do not risk losing your valuables because shady movers can steal your boxes. Spend a little more money for experienced movers and save yourself from troubles.

4. Not scheduling properly

Have a timetable. Plan weeks or even months prior to moving day.It might be convenient for most people to plan a day before moving day, but their items are not well organized. Some stuff might be left out and movers might not be able when booked a few days prior to the moving day.

5. Not backing up important files

Be sure to back your important files up before plugging out your computer devices. Not doing so may lead to loss of important documents or paperwork that you have worked on for along period of time.

6. Not preparing your pets

It will be stressful for pets to adapt to new surroundings. It will take them time to finally be comfortable to the new place. Be sure to visit a vet before moving so that they can recommend what’s best for your pet during the moving in process.

7. Not having a bag for survival

Pack a survival kit.You may need them during the travel period. You would not want to unload and look for that particular box which contains maybe a medicine for a headache or motion sickness.

8. Not packing your valuables properly

Your valuables are your most expensive belongings. Cover them in protective layers of wrapping and place them somewhere that you can see when you travel to the new house.

9. Not having an insurance for your items

It is important to give your mover a call and know the information regarding their insurance policies. You would not want to have your items damaged and not make the mover responsible for it.

10. Not getting a careful estimate of expenses

The cost of moving might surprise you if you will not be meticulous about it. Always get multiple estimates from different trusted movers and weigh which is more cost-efficient or if the money you will be paying is worth the service that they will be rendering.

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