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Important Documents You Need for Your Iowa Move

There are a lot of things to check off your to-do list before moving day arrives including packing, labeling, and gathering all of the important documents you need. When working with a professional moving company, make sure you gather all of your critical forms and documents into one folder or binder.

Before you can put these items in your moving binder, it’s helpful to know exactly which documents you need. To help you stay on top of things, we’ve gathered a list of 8 must-have moving documents, forms, and receipts.

1.Your Moving Estimate

Once a professional moving company like White Glove Movers has surveyed your home in Cedar Rapids, you’ll receive a written estimate or quote for your move. Most moving estimates include the following information:

  • Transportation charges
  • Labor
  • Packing services
  • Storage availability and charges
  • Insurance
  • Accessorial services

Before agreeing to the moving estimate you’re provided, be sure you understand which kind your mover has given you. Ask if it’s a non-binding, binding, or binding not-to-exceed estimate.

2.Bill of Lading

Your professional Cedar Rapids moving company will hand you a document called a bill of lading. This is the most important document you’ll receive regarding your move. It’s a legally binding contract between you and the moving company, which means the contents of the bill of lading should be the same as those on the order for service.

Think of the bill of lading as a kind of receipt that includes:

  • Shipment
  • Moving rate
  • Payment method
  • Origin and destination
  • Insurance information
  • Mover information

3.Order for Service

Your professional mover will give you a copy of the order for service. This is for your shipment and is an important document that’s usually attached to the bill of lading. It should have the following pieces of information on it:

  • Moving estimate details
  • Pick-up and delivery dates
  • Special services needed
  • Your signature
  • Your mover’s signature

4.Inventory Documentation

Once your mover has inspected your inventory, they will give you a descriptive inventory form that describes all of the inventory loaded onto the moving truck.

Next to each item you’ll find its “condition at origin.” Did you do the packing yourself? The mover will write “packed by owner” (PBO) with the condition of the contents unknown. Be sure you review the list before tucking it away into your moving binder.

5.A Copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities”

If you’re planning an interstate move, your mover will give you a copy of your rights and responsibilities. These documents will give you a lot of information including:

  • How to choose a reputable mover
  • Instructions on how to handle complaints
  • Questions regarding your move

If your interstate mover does not give you a copy of these documents, then consider it a BIG red flag.

6.Explanation of Liability Options

Within the Your Rights and Responsibilities document, there should be explanations of the different levels of liability. Local movers usually have multiple liability options for customers because they’re not subject to state transportation laws and federal regulations.

Get a copy of these explanations before choosing your plan so you can reach your decision with as much information as possible.

7.Statement of Services

If you’re moving out of Iowa, your interstate mover should give you a copy of the Statement of Services after your belongings are delivered. This statement will contain the final cost for your shipment and the tariff charges based on the weight of your items.


8.IRS Tax Deduction Forms

Are you relocating for work? You may be able to claim your moving expenses on your tax deductions using IRS form 3903. These moving expenses should be related to starting work in a new location. See all the details on the official IRS website.

Prepare for Your Upcoming Move

Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or to the other side of the country, White Glove Movers is here for you. Our team of professional movers makes it easy to get from your old place to your new one. Give our locally owned moving company a call today to see how we can make your move affordable!

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