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5 Reasons Why People Are Moving Back To Iowa

“Iowa Nice”

This seems to be the new slogan going around town and people are giving their two thumbs-up with this statement.

Who wouldn’t agree with it? Here in Iowa, everyone is treated like family. The cost of living is low yet you get great perks to enjoy with your family and loved ones. No wonder may millennials who had their childhood in Iowa are now returning back home.

Iowa: Home Sweet Home

For those who have lived in Iowa, it will not be too hard to convince them that it is a great place to raise a family. Thus, after experiencing the life in the big metropolis and meeting their special someone, they are convinced that there is no better place to settle in but here in Iowa.

Yes! The weather can be extremely cold during the winter season, but the warmth and concern you receive from everyone in the community are more than enough for you to want to stay with it for good.

For those who have returned, they are convinced that letting their children experience a similar childhood is the best way for them to become better persons in the future. Thus, rather than staying in unfamiliar territory, they have returned and established their own shelter near their extended families.

As a result, they can easily visit their parents while their children appreciate the love, attention and appreciation these adults have for them.

How about the school system?

Iowa has an amazing school system. It’s clean, healthy, safe and entertaining. Thus giving your little ones the best foundation.

Iowa: Easier commute time

While other states require train travel before you can go to another location, here at Iowa just using your vehicle is enough to see a movie, go outdoors, or have an escapade. You don’t even need to spend a plane ticket just to enjoy the weekend with your family.

Thus, it makes it easier to balance life and work. This makes everything less stressful and more convenient.

As a result, everyone can spend quality time with the family. This includes:

  • Watching the basketball games with the kids
  • Enjoying a movie over the weekend
  • Spending a barbecue with the grandparents

Iowa has all the nice things without the annoying 40-minutes traffic. Isn’t that enough reason to start packing and planning to move here permanently?

Iowa: Expanding opportunities

With more millennials coming back to Iowa for good, many start-up companies have also considered it as a great location to start business. Given the pool of professionals returning to the city, it is not surprising to see Iowa increase its popularity, even more, this 2019.

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