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10 Tips When Moving for a Fresh Start in Iowa (Part 1 of 2)

Have you ever felt like your life is becoming a routine?

Have you ever felt nostalgic upon looking at a certain place?

Have you ever wished to have a time machine to go back from the start and see things differently?

Some of us are in the same place where our parents have been born and raised, and sometimes we even settle there until we have own family. But have you ever thought of moving out and nestling to another place? Where you can have a new and fresh start?

Starting over in a new place, such as Iowa, can give you the chance to renew yourself and everything you’ve been thinking your whole life. It’s also a chance for you to leave some baggage that was weighing you down, may it be a person or an event even a memory that is not of help for you to grow yourself. It can also mean an opportunity to find a new job, new friends and new local networks.

Making that big move is your ticket in reconstructing your life base on how the way you want to see and feel it. You’ll be able to go outside your comfort zone that may not be pleasant at first but it can shove you to become a divergent thinker. Below are the 10 tips When Moving Over for a Fresh Start that can make your “ Big Move “ as easy as possible.

1. Decorate, Unpack and Organize – as soon as possible after you’ve moved.

It’s hard to feel at home when your things áre still on boxes and placed all over your new house.

Take one step at a time. Decorate your place the way you want it to have a brighter angle. Unpack the things and sort it out to where you’ll place it according to its usage. Organize your stuff so there’ll be less clutter and finding important things will be easy. In this way, you’ll start to feel getting hold of your sanctuary.

2. Explore Iowa – Go outside

Don’t be afraid to roam around even if it’s a new place in Iowa. Getting to know your new surroundings is a significant feeling at home.

Look out for grocery stores where you can buy your essential needs, parks and local bike paths where you can take a walk or run in, and maybe a beach or a nearby resort if you’re lucky.

3. Find a new hobby in Iowa – that fits your style.

You might have a regular gym, a basketball court or a park in your old place. But since you are in a new circle in Iowa, you might want to try what the locals have to offer. You may find something that can be the same as what you’ve been up to before or you might just find something that is interest thing and new.

4. Go to events in Iowa

This might be difficult for a homebody or an introvert BUT you gotta get out. For sure you’ll get an invite from your new neighbors in Iowa since you’re the new one. Give this a shot. This can help you feel part of the community rather than a stranger.

5. Be stoical in making new acquaintances.

You need to be patient on this matter since you’re acquainting with new people, new personalities and new perspectives. Just be positive and bright about this, it may not be right away but you’ll sure to gain new friends.

We’ve got more tips for you to start fresh in Iowa. Visit us tomorrow for the continuation of this blog.

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