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Professional Movers Cedar Rapids: The Early Beginning of Moving Companies

Everything has their beginning. That includes professional moving companies.

This article leads you back to memory lane as we explore how it all began and the early beginning of professional movers in Cedar Rapids.

Ancient times: An Act of Camaraderie Among Tribes and Clans

During the time of our ancestors, tribes help one another whenever they move to a different place. This has been a sigh of camaraderie among friends.

In exchange, those who have helped with the move are given meals and nice entertainment in the evening. Nevertheless, this is not counted as payment. Rather, it is the sign of gratitude from the owner and to those who have given aid to their move.

The Journey to The West

For quite some time, people continue to help their neighbors when it’s their time to move. A simple thanks, snacks, and evening drinks are enough show their gratitude. But as the population grew and more people needed to transfer from one place to another, moving services has been more in demand, too.

This happened when the the WEST started to settle. As the Intercontinental Road was constructed, people started to gather their belonging to settle on this new land. They’ve placed it into covered wagons designed for household furnishing hauling. Thus dozens of families moved west in wagon trains.

The Birth of Motorized Vehicles

As the construction of the intercontinental railroad progressed, the use of motorized vehicles also become more prominent. But because very few people owned these, the use of horse and wagons for moving remained prominent.

As larger and heavy objects are needed to be moved, the use of vehicles also became inevitable. Thus, the development and manufacturing of so called “moving trucks.” However, these does not look like the trucks you see now. Rather, these looks like two-cylinder engines with a rear bed, quite similar to the horse drawn wagons.

The Two World Wars

After World War II, almost all motorized vehicles are used to support the war. This lead the to a decreased production and development of actual moving services. However, the demand to move household items from one place to another was still high, thus the use of horses and wagons. At times, they may even use ships or trains, but those who can’t afford to move their furniture are left with no choice but to buy or build their own furniture at their new place.

After the war was over, small transport companies who have invested in buying trucks have seen that moving items using these trucks can be less expensive compared. Thus the boom of public moving services.

At this time, very few companies are offering these services. So they were very successful. This became even more success because young soldiers are now returning home to the US after the war.  People are now starting families and building businesses once again.

Professional Movers Cedar Rapids, Today

Today, moving companies have evolved from just moving household items. Due to the delicateness of certain items, such as computers, appliances and other electronic gadgets, even offices seek the help and advice of professional movers in Cedar Rapids.

White Glove Movers delivers affordable and efficient residential and commercial moving services to anyone moving to and from Iowa. Talk to us for assistance in moving items, including irregularly shaped appliances such as pianos and equipment.

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