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7 Office Relocation Checklist Tips and Guidelines

If you’re a business owner that’s moved locations before, you know that office moves can be complicated. The typical office relocation involves moving a large amount of furniture, electronic equipment, supplies, and decor. If your team isn’t careful, the moving process can quickly become overwhelming and stressful.

The experienced team at White Glove Movers knows a thing or two about office relation in Cedar Rapids. We’ve been helping businesses since 2004 and we’re here to give you the tips and tricks you need to know to plan the smoothest commercial move.

1. Put one person in charge

When you have too many cooks in the kitchen things get messy, complicated, and chaotic. Whether it’s your top HR representative or your public relations person, have one individual call all the shots. Our team has been a part of moves where two or more people in the office were involved in the decision-making process and things got confusing real quick. Avoid confusion by selecting one point of contact for your office move.

2. Have employees pack and label everything

The last thing you want on moving day is to see all of your belongings spilling out onto the moving truck. Ask your employees to make sure their items are packed away safely and securely. Give each of them a number that they can label on their boxes, chairs, and desks to avoid misplacements. Because the team at White Glove Movers helps with office setup, your employees will come to a new workspace that’s ready to go.

3.Furniture should be labeled

Even if you have pieces of furniture that seem to go together, it’s best to label everything. Avoid confusion during the unloading process by labeling desks, cabinets, and tables with the proper user and location. This step is critical if your office utilizes cubicles because they all look similar.

4.Design your layout and create a game plan

Labeling your desks and furniture will ensure they’re placed in the proper spot and so will creating a layout. Help your professional mover cut down on moving time by showing them exactly where each piece of furniture goes. Once the details are complete, share the layout with employees so they know where their desk or office is.

5.Compile an electronics list

Offices have a lot of computers, TVs, and assorted electronic equipment so be sure your mover knows exactly what you’re taking. Speak to an IT company about moving sensitive pieces of technology such as computer towers, copiers, and more.

6.Check for electricity

A lot of cubicles have electricity running through them, so double check yours. If the wiring needs to be removed, you should contact an electrician who can take care of it properly. If you don’t know one, ask your office mover for a recommendation.

7.Choose a professional office mover

You can definitely do this on your own, but do you really have the time to do all of these coordination and planning? You need someone to supervise and handle the job for you. Speak to a reliable team of office movers in Cedar Rapids, such as White Glove Movers, today.

We’ve been specializing in commercial moving since 2004, which means our team can help your move run smoothly. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate and chat about what your business needs before moving day.

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