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Helpful Tips for Packing Electronics

As folks living in the technological era, no doubt many of us have many electronic devices that need to be considered when moving. From computers to video game systems and stereo equipment, it’ important to ensure your high-dollar investments are packed and moved properly. After all, the cost of moving is high enough. Tacking on the cost of an electronic replacement would be enough to break anyone’s already stretched wallet.

Below are seven tips that will help you prep your electronics the proper way before moving day.

  1. Read the product manual – Though you likely recycled the original box ages ago, hopefully you still have the product manual for your electronic devices. Be sure to following the manufacturer’s advice when packing and storing your item. Though you probably feel like you know everything there is to know about your electronic device, it’s important to remember that the manufacturer knows everything it takes to protect the device. If you no longer have the owner’s manual, visit the official website for the product as most manuals can be found online. If you have trouble locating the moving and storage guidelines for your item, reach out to product support to be sure you’re good to go.
  2. Use the original box when moving – When purchasing a new device, try to save the original box as it will contain the most appropriate packing materials to use when moving. Plus, it will be easier to distinguish your electronics when they’re in their original boxes.
  3. Pack them with quality packing materials – If you no longer have the box your device came with, start with protective packaging such as cartons, newspaper for wrapping, moving tape, scissors, and markers to label each box.
  4. Distinguish cords with colored stickers – Taking your items down before the big move is the easy part, it’s putting them back together that can feel like an impossible game of Tetris. When disassembling devices such as computers, game systems, and stereos, put small colored stickers on every cord and the same colored sticker where that cord connects with the device. This will save you many headaches for reassembling the items in your new space!
  5. Use climate-controlled units when necessary – Certain electronic devices such as TVs and computers are sensitive to temperature. Though it might seem like a pain, you may need to look into getting a climate-controlled unit for storage. Turn to your manufacturer for recommendations on this and remember that the price of storage is far cheaper than replacing one, two, or more of your devices.
  6. Avoid unwanted attention with unmarked boxes – Hopefully you won’t be a victim of theft during your move or at any point beyond, but taking extra precautions never hurt. Consider placing expensive electronics such as TVs, cameras, and stereos in unmarked boxes. If you’re using a storage unit, put these items toward the back so they’re not easily spotted.
  7. Become a wrap artist – It’s important to minimize potential damage to your electronic devices, wrap them with linen or clean paper. Doing so will prevent damage from happening and dust collecting inside of them.

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