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The Art of Labeling (Labeling For Self Packers)

One of the easiest ways to get confused when moving is by not taking the time to stay organized. Packing and labeling your household items with care is a key step for moving into your new space.

If you want to save yourself headaches and frustration in the long run, be sure to identify a labeling system that works for you. Whether you prefer descriptive labels, colored labels, or a number system, you’ll find tips and tricks below for labeling like a professional mover.

Invest in the proper labeling tools

What you’re labeling with makes all the difference. When prepping for your move, stop by the office section of the store and pick up some high-quality permanent markers. You may be thinking you should be saving money, but the truth is, if you invest in a quality set of markers, they’ll be easier to read and they’ll last you beyond the move. Be sure to choose markers that are bright and permanent.

If you’re thinking of adopting a color-coded labeling system, be sure to choose a pack of markers with at least five different colors. Choosing a well-known brand that you trust is also key.

Ensure the markers you pick up are permanent and waterproof since it may be difficult to tell what the weather will be like on moving day. As a team of professional residential movers, we’ve learned that it’s best to use permanent markers that will stand up to rain and snow and won’t smudge all over the sides of your boxes like non-waterproof markers do.

Take advantage of ready-to-use labels

Did you start packing at the last minute? Save time by using premade labels instead of writing them all out by hand. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of online places that offer ready-to-use labels – and they’re free. These kinds of labels will already have different rooms printed on them, which means all you’ll have to do is fill out the contents of each box.

If you do have some extra time and want to get creative, you can always create your own labels, which would make the moving process more fun.

Add color to your boxes

If you’re into using a color-coded system, you can use multiple tools to ensure your boxes are easily identifiable. Using color coordinated tape and labels is a great way to enhance box identification and stay organized during your transition.

Another way to label like a professional mover is to assign colors to certain bedrooms. For example, choose the color green to represent your bedroom. Write the word “Bedroom” in green to signify all of the boxes that should end up in your bedroom. Additionally, you should specify the exact contents of the box.

As professional movers that have been serving the Cedar Rapids area since 2004, the team at White Glove movers knows that in addition to these colored labels, you should use the corresponding tape color to make your boxes stand out even more during the moving process.

Once you’ve labeled all of your bedroom boxes, choose a different color for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and so on. This will make unpacking so much easier.

By following these tips, and taking the time to organize yourself from the get-go you’ll be labeling like a professional mover in no time!

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