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Why Use a Packing Service?

Moving comes with a task list so long that one of the best ways to make the process easier on yourself is to hire a professional packing company. No matter your budget, keep in mind that there are lots of options out there. You don’t even have to have your entire household packed if you don’t want it to be!

If you’re not following a specific budget, consider hiring a professional company to do the packing and unpacking for you. Most residential moving companies offer this as an add-on, so ask the moving company you’re thinking of hiring.

Before you commit to anyone, weigh your options. Think about the energy it would take to complete these tasks yourself versus the cost that comes with hiring a professional service.

Here’s what you can expect when you look into working with a professional packing service:

Home Evaluation

Packing companies want to know what they’re in for and you undoubtedly want a cost estimate. Most companies start by sending a surveyor to take a look at the details of your home. They’ll start a list of all the items you want them to handle including cupboard contents, furniture, kitchen drawers, and more. Not only is this a great way to give you feedback on your expected cost, but it also allows them to see what items need special care.

Most packing services will use the home assessment to discuss paperwork, valuables, jewelry, artwork, and other items that need to be moved in specific ways. These items are typically taken with you on moving day versus being loaded onto a truck, but the company may have other suggestions.

Comprehensive Packing Services

Full service packing companies will take the time to disassemble all furniture pieces, properly wrap them, and secure them with padding. They’ll take the time to remove pictures, frames, and paintings from the walls and roll away rugs or carpets that are coming with you. They will take care of the boxing, labeling, and placement, which is a huge weight off your shoulders.

When you’re in the initial stages of planning your move, a packing company should give you an estimated timeframe for packing and unpacking your goods. Most can do it in a day, so if you get a quote for something much longer than that, be weary. Keep in mind that the duration and cost really depend on how much stuff you have. If time is a factor and you’re in a hurry to move, the cost will go up as more movers will be needed to man the job.

Make Special Arrangements

As a courtesy to your packing service, make arrangements for babysitters and petsitters so your kids and pets are either entertained or elsewhere.

Is a packing service right for you?

Truly, this is something only you can decide. If your budget will allow for you to hire a full service packing company, we recommend it. The moving process will go that much faster and smoother.

Consider speaking to the experienced team at White Glove Movers. We’re a locally owned and operated residential moving company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We enjoy making the moving process as easy as possible for our clients. Give us a call today.

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