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Why Some Moving Companies Experience Hell During Summer

Summer is a great time to move, but with the many hassles experienced by some homeowners due to the irresponsible moving company; it is quite scary to move during this season.

What could be the reasons for some of these disasters?

Here are some of them:

They take more than what they can handle

With a flock of people wanting to make the move during summer, it’s hard to resist the temptation of no saying YES to these clients. This is amidst the fact they  honestly know they have reached their capacity limit as shown in the “blackout dates” they have listed on their calendar.

This puts them at  high risk for not satisfying their customers because they end up not delivering what they have promised.

The temptation of long-distance pick ups

Long-distance pick-ups are priced much higher than shorter distance travels. This becomes tempting for new moving companies. However, with 100% capacity filled up, this means no room for potential driver illness, truck breakdowns and other factors that may result in a delay. This becomes a chain of events that end

Stranded Shipments

This may be due to a logistics errors on the part of the moving company, especially when moving items to or from a remote location. Thus one should be extra careful when calculating the load of all the items that will be placed in the truck, otherwise, they will get themselves stranded while moving these items.

Use of Temporary Labor

Ultimately, you can blame it to the use of temporary and unskilled laborers to help with the sudden demand for movers. This ends up in a less professional moving service at the cost of the customer.

What do we learn from this experience?

You should remember that every move is different thus accurate weight estimation, packing lists, and access issues should be carefully considered. Work with professional moving companies in Iowa that have years of experience and will not compromise the quality of their service with greed.

Talk to us, so we can properly plan your move without adding stress to you.

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