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What to Do When Relocating for a Job

You got the big job you’ve been wanting for so long and now you’re faced with the challenge of relocating. You’re not alone. In fact, According to the US Census Bureau, 20% of movers relocated because of a new job.

Moving to the other side of the state or to the other side of the country are both challenging, however, they’re both exciting and full of new opportunities.

Unfortunately, you’ve got a long list of things to do before that first day on the new job. You should also keep in mind that the average cross-country move can cost upwards of $5,600.

Let’s talk about some key things you should consider when planning your relocation.

1. Come to terms with your new cost of living

The new job may seem exciting and perfect for you, but is it going to cover your new cost of living? In Iowa, the cost of living is much lower than a lot of other states, so this should be one of your first, if not the first consideration you think about.

Go over the numbers and use a cost of living index to compare things such as home prices, the average gas price, and the cost of a gallon of milk in your new area. You should also research the local tax rates so you can prepare for everything your new position needs to cover.

2. Start planning and saving

A new job offer is exciting, which means it’s tempting to put in your two-weeks notice and tell your new employer you’ll be ready within the next month. In truth, there are several financial reasons to take it slow.

Even if your new company is offering to help with moving costs, their coverage may be limited. Then there’s the down payment or security deposit you’ll need to place on your new living space. If you’re in the middle of a lease or you need to sell your home, you could be paying double the living cost for a while.

The moving process may require you to stay at hotels, eat meals on the road, get moving insurance, and more. Are these all things your new company is willing to pay for? If not, guess who’s footing the bill.

3. Are you working with a team of residential movers?

There are plenty of people who move because of a new job and do it all by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they’re not stressed along the way. Finding an affordable residential moving company willing to help you relocate is something you shouldn’t rule out. They may even offer packing services and large-item hauling that can prove useful.

White Glove Movers is a full-service moving company that helps with everything from packing to moving and unpacking. Whether you’re moving across the state for your new job or to the other side of the country, we’re here for you. Give us a call today to discuss your moving needs and we’ll get you an estimate.

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