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What to Consider When Moving for a Job

Whether you’ve been through several rounds of interviews or are in the beginning stages of mulling it over, relocating for a job is definitely a big deal.
For many people, relocating for a job is a sign of upward progression, but it should be something that brings you joy. The key is planning ahead, so before you sign the official paperwork, be sure to think about the questions listed and topics discussed below.
  • Where will my new home be?
  • Who will pay for my moving expenses?
  • How am I going to move? Am I going to hire a professional moving company?
  • Is the job truly a good match for me?
  • What is the local economy of the area I’ll be moving to?
  • What is the cost of living there?
  • Is my partner onboard with this?
  • What if it doesn’t work out? What’s our back-up plan?
  • Do I think I’ll be happy there? Will my family be happy there?

Be sure to ask what they’ll do (and pay for) in order to get you

Remember, this company is interested in you. If they’ve offered you a position knowing it requires a move on your part, they’re clearly invested in hiring you. Be sure to ask from the get-go what kind of relocation packages are available and what they’re willing to pay for.
One of your main goals is to make your move as inexpensive and seamless as possible, so ask what they’ll cover as far as moving costs. Some companies will cover shipping charges for your belongings, but this may be the case only if you stay in the position for the agreed upon time. Be sure to get the details regarding packing and unboxing, to professional moving services they’ll pay for.

Get the scoop on your new city

When visiting your new city, be sure to ask people what it’s like to live there. Whether it’s someone at the local coffee shop or the cashier at the supermarket, speaking to people is a great way to get to know your new environment.
Joining social media groups is a great way to get to know your new city too. Looking up the local buy, sell, and trade group, or the group for a local organization is a great way to start getting your toes wet.
It’s also highly possible that friends or family members of your friends may live in your new city. Post a status such as, “Anyone know anybody in Cedar Rapids?” for example. You’d be surprised at how quickly the connections will start revealing themselves.

Hire a professional moving company

Sometimes the best way to reduce stress is to leave certain things to the professionals. Before moving day, you’ll be busy rearranging your children’s schools, filling out paperwork, and supporting your partner in finding a new job. Let a team of professional residential movers handle all the packing, moving, and unpacking you’ll need. This will take the excess responsibility off of you and put your mind at ease regarding the handling of your belongings

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