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Using a Professional Moving Service for Large Antiques

Now that you’re in the middle of planning your move and you’ve started thinking about packing, you’re probably wondering how to protect your valuables and antiques. If you’ve invested in antique furniture and showcase pieces, the idea of getting them safely to your new space is most likely daunting. Fortunately, working with a professional moving company can alleviate this stress.

If you haven’t worked with a residential moving company before, or you’re not sure what to expect, here are some reasons to let them handle your large antiques during your next move.

They’ll use correct packing methods

Professional moving companies are experts at using the correct packing materials for your various antiques and collectibles. So when it comes to items like sofas, lounges, headboards, and other large furniture items, they’ll take the time to wrap them with thick moving blankets to ensure maximum safety. This layer of padding will keep your furniture from bumping into the sides of the moving truck and each other. As for your smaller pieces of antique furniture, movers will wrap them in bubble wrap, place them in larger furniture boxes, and use packing materials to fill the empty space.

They’re organization experts

If this is your second, third or fourth move, you might feel the need to create your own packing list for each moving truck. However, if you work with the right residential moving company, this will be taken care of for you. The movers will handle everything from point A to point B so all you have to do is manage yourself and your family on moving day. They’re pros at keeping themselves organized, so they’ll keep track of everything they need to.

You’ll be insured

Insurance is another great reason to choose a professional moving company. They’ll certainly work to make sure your large antique items are transported safely, but if anything were to happen on moving day, the loss of any of your items will be covered. If your antique sofa ends up with a ripped cushion or the mirror on your antique secretary gets cracked, you can file a claim. You’ll also have the chance to file a claim if any of your other items sustain damage. Even though working with a professional moving company is more costly than doing it yourself, the professional movers will make sure your antiques remain intact.

Placement is included

One of the best things about working with professional movers is that you won’t have to do the manual labor yourself! Large antiques such as hutches and china cabinets can be heavy due to their intricate design and high-quality wood. Your residential movers will not only pack up and carefully place your items onto the moving truck, they’ll place them in the correct spots in your new space. Bonus!

If you’re in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and need the help of a professional moving team, speak with White Glove Movers today. We’re a locally owned and operated business that specializes in moving homeowners all over the country. From small apartments to large homes, we move it all!

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