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Tips for Moving Your Antiques and Collectibles

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of moving can be the relocation of your antiques and collectibles. The anxiety you feel regarding this process may go up if you’ve hired a professional mover to assist with your move. Below are some steps you can take to alleviate your stress and guarantee that your valuable items will make it to your new space safe and sound.

Discuss your antiques and collectibles with your mover right away. A professional mover should offer to do an initial consultation with you as a way to evaluate what will need to be done before and on moving day. Take the time to discuss your fragile items from the get-go. Such items may include family heirlooms, porcelains, China, valuable antiques, and collectible items. Decide what items you will pack and what items the commercial mover can pack.
Follow instructions. Your professional mover should be prepared to assist you with your antique and special items. This means they’ll likely provide you with specific instructions for what to do during the relocation. Pay attention to what they say and follow their guidance so your vintage record player and grandmother’s dishes arrive safely.

Pack the items carefully with quality materials. Packing your collectibles and valuables yourself is completely fine. If you opt to do this, be sure to use quality packing supplies. Most commercial movers have packing supplies for sale and will sell them to you at affordable prices if you’ve hired them for your move. Though it may not be your favorite way to spend money, investing in double and triple-walled cartons, packing tape, bubble wrap, and properly sized boxes will keep your items safe. Since most antiques and collectible items cannot be easily replaced, you’re better off to spend the extra pennies on high-quality moving supplies versus reusing your Amazon boxes.

Be willing to move some things yourself. Though professional movers will help you as much as they can, there are some items they just won’t touch. Be willing to pack and move some items yourself including fine jewelry, coins, currency, certificates, bonds, important papers such as deeds or titles, prescriptions, and medical/dental records. These items are not easily replaceable either and some of them contain confidential information. If your moving company asks you to transport said items, be open to doing so.

Consider using packing crates. If you have special antiques that you feel need a little more protection than the standard moving box offers, consider having a custom crate made. Since most custom crates come with padding, decking, and stretch wrap, they will ensure that the item is moved with as much care as possible. Items that you should consider moving in crates are pool tables, unique antiques, and crystal chandeliers.

Welcome special arrangements. If you have a unique item such as a wine collection, and extra care needs to be taken to transport it, remain open to the possibility of special arrangements. Your professional mover will have your best interest in mind, so if they recommend a special arrangement, it’s likely coming from a place of honesty and professionalism.​

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