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Moving Tips for Senior Citizens

No matter the size of your new home, moving is definitely more of a process than a single event. Moving really starts with the idea that you’ll be moving to another space and ends when you’ve unpacked everything and settled in.

It’s natural to feel like this process is too overwhelming or that you’ll never complete all of the items on your to-do list. In reality, there are some steps you can take along the way to make sure the moving process is completed in a smooth and efficient manner.

As a team of professional movers, White Glove Movers is well equipped to offer you moving advice. Here are some residential moving tips we’ve put together for senior citizens.

Create a timeline

Start from the moving date and move backwards to create a timeline of all the tasks that will need to be completed during the moving process. Keep your timeline as well as your list of to-do items in a notebook or folder so you’ll know where it as at all times.

You’ll also want to decide how much of the moving process you’re willing to complete yourself. Will you be doing all of the packing and labeling? Are you planning on renting a truck? Or would you like to hire a team of professional residential movers that will help you throughout the entire process? If you do decide to hire a professional moving team, be sure to keep their contact information in your notebook.

Don’t be afraid to downsize

Even if you’re moving into a space that’s relatively similar to your current one, it’s always a good idea to start downsizing early. A great way to start this is to focus on problem areas in your home that collect clutter. Whether it’s the basement, attic, closet, or spare bedroom, take the time to go through the areas so you can address the problem now. You’ll feel a lot better in your new space by avoiding clutter from the get-go.

Create a floor plan

When planning for a move, it’s important to know the size of your new space. Having the square footage handy will allow you to roughly map out where you’ll place furniture, bookshelves, the TV, and so on.

Knowing the square footage will also tell you how much you’ll need to downsize. If your new space is about half the size of your current home, then you’ll need to reduce your clothing, knick-knacks, and more by about half as well.

Pass special items on now

If you have to do some serious downsizing for your move, it can be difficult to let your prized possessions go because you know their value. If you know one of your family members appreciates one of your items, be willing to share it with them. If you’re willing, it’s also a great idea to donate items so those in need can put them to good use. You’ll feel good about donating your items for a good cause too.

Moving can be a strain in your physical, mental, and emotional status. If you feel you need help, be sure to reach out to friends and family. You can also hire a team of professional movers to assist you with the packing, transportation, and heavy lifting.

To make your next move as easy as possible, call White Glove Movers today.

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