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Moving Sales

You are moving! Congrats and let’s take this time to let someone else enjoy our treasures so we don’t have to take them with us! Let’s talk about ways to make the most of your moving sale from getting started to day of tips. We have all been there. Moving and not wanting to take all of our belongings with us. Some we don’t need or use any more. Some we are just tired of looking at while it sits in the corner collecting dust. Or maybe our old décor just does not go with our new house. Whatever the reason, we are having a moving sale!

Getting started

Designated space: find a room – basement, office, spare bedroom – and make it the sale room. Clean it out, the best you can, and start moving the now-unwanted items in. Be sure to have a strategy though, piling everything into this room will not help you in the long run. Try categorizing areas by such things as home décor, trinkets, furniture or by rooms like kitchen or bath. Then move the least used, or least liked pieces first. Go grab those boxes in your storage room that have been there since you moved in, those boxes you had forgotten about, and figure out which category their contents fall under. Don’t spend too much time on these boxes though, the things in them have already been forgotten about. Lastly, if you are going to make a list of everything you are selling, this would be the time to put it together.

Set prices

This is even more difficult than deciding what to sell. Undoubtedly, the items for sale range from valuable to barely worth the price of the sticker. Knowing not everything needs its own sticker makes this part a little easier. The less expensive items can be grouped together and marked accordingly. For the pieces you know are of higher value, it might be worth it to research a reasonable price. Make sure to be as objective as possible with your pieces, marking an item too high could mean it makes the move with you.


A moving sale should be organized for the customers as well. Think about when you were shopping for these pieces, was it buried under another piece or displayed nicely? If you are selling clothes, hang the nicer pieces and group size and/or colors together. If you have space, hang the wall art. Finally, play some music and use colorful signs to draw people in.

Here is a small checklist of day-of things to do:

  • Ask for help! A moving sale will always draw people in so be sure to not be the only person working your sale.
  • Make sure anything not for sale is out-of-sight.
  • Restrict access to your house and keep your pets inside.
  • Talk with people while they shop. People buy from people, this is true in retail as well as in a moving sale setting.
  • Keep your money safe, either a money box or a fanny pack will help with this.
  • Bags/boxes for people to carry their new treasures
  • Did you create an inventory list? If so, cross off the items as they sell.

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