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Moving 101: How to Arrange Furniture Like a Pro

While the moving process can be exciting and fun, some of the tasks you’ll come across might not be so. A lot of homeowners have trouble planning and arranging furniture in their new spaces, which can make things frustrating from the beginning. The truth is, deciding on furniture arrangements can take some time because ideally, you should get a sense of the space first. Below are some ideas you can use to make your home both comfortable and functional in every room.

Examine the space

Before you start plopping things down, take a good look at the room. If you can, remove all of the boxes from the room before you start planning. Then, visualize how the space will be used. Each room in your home should be functional in addition to beautiful. Let’s take the living room for instance. Ask yourself if it will be used as more of a family room where you’ll gather and entertain guests? If that’s the case, consider how the furniture can serve dual purposes and arrange it so.

Create rough drafts

There’s no rule that says you need to have the furniture placed in a room right away, so give yourself permission to experiment with drafts. You can create paper replicas and plan it out that way so you’re not constantly moving furniture around. To do this, pick up some plain brown paper from your local office supply store. Then, take the measurements of each piece of furniture so you can trace them onto the paper. Cut out the pieces, label them, and start arranging them on the floor.

Though it might feel like you’re simply spinning your wheels, playing around with furniture arrangement in this way will help you see how big or small a room is. It will also help you discover which pieces don’t fit as well as where the traffic patterns are.

Create a balanced look

No room in your home should have all the furniture shoved to one wall, nor should the pieces be spread out thin. Balancing heavy furniture with lighter objects and pieces is a key in creating balance within the space. Don’t be afraid to use the middle of the space to evoke a sense of depth and interest. Also, take a look at the height of your furniture pieces and create multi-levels. For example, if you have a shorter piece, place a tall one next to it or put a large print on the wall that will elongate the space. You can create balance with color. Consider including a pop of color on your beige sofa or put a colorful wall element next to your black armchair.

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