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Money-Saving Hacks to Use When Relocating

One of the biggest concerns homeowners face during the moving process is cost. On top of the cost of your new home, you now have to think about all the supplies you need, phone calls to make, services to switch, and movers to pay.

As a team of experienced professional movers, we’re here to give you some important money-saving tips that will help you keep money in your pocket as well as alleviate some of the stress surrounding your move. 

1.Get an early start

When it comes to moving, the early-bird gets the cash. Starting your prep work early means you’re more likely to stay organized but it also means you can save coins. The moment you find out you’re about to move, start creating a list of items you’re donating and those you’re selling.

2.Make some extra cash

Procrastinating leads to last-minute franticness and nobody has the time for that. Start posting the items you’d like to sell on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace early. This will help you avoid the setup hassle and marketing fees for garage sales. You’d be surprised by how much you can get for your items online whether it’s children’s toys, electronics, unused makeup, or furniture. 

3.Avoid leaks

 As a professional mover based out of Cedar Rapids, we’ve seen our fair share of liquid leaks. While our team is happy to provide you with packing services, we understand if you’d prefer to do it on our own.

Because items such as toiletries can shuffle around in their boxes, we recommend you remove the cap to each item and place a layer of cling film on top. Then, replace the cap to seal the item thus preventing leaks! This money-saving hack will spare you the unwanted clean-up and save cash by not having to purchase replacements. 

4.Eat up

You know that spare freezer you have in your garage or basement? It’s time to clean that baby out. Frozen foods won’t survive a long-distance trip and since your deep freeze will be out of commission during the move, it’s best to eat those foods now.

5.Pack carefully

Though professional moving companies such as White Glove Movers have insurance, it’s best to avoid breaking items altogether. Here are some money-saving hacks that can prevent the loss of valuables and keep some cash in your pocket:

  • Store glasses in wine glass boxes: Stop by your local wine and spirits store and ask if they have any extra wine glass boxes. These boxes will protect your cups, glasses, and wine glasses!
  • Stack plates: This is an easy way to protect your glass plates. Swing by the local grocery or dollar store for a pack of those cheap foam disposable plates. Then, slide one foam plate between each glass plate to prevent them from moving around during your move.
  • Protect valuables with clothing: Save yourself some money on bubble wrap by using clothing to protect your dishes, glassware, cups, and more. This will kill two birds with one stone and spare you the expense of extra wardrobe boxes.

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As a professional moving company that’s been in business since 2004, White Glove Movers knows how to make the moving process a smooth one. We’d love the opportunity to work with you on your residential, commercial, long-distance, or short-distance move. Give us a call today to receive a quote.

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