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Label Your Moving Boxes the Right Way

Labeling your moving boxes properly will greatly remove the stress from you and your movers. It can also save you time during unloading. This will be more effective if the label contains details on what room these boxes should go, as well as its content.

So how do you do this?

Here are some of the best ways to label your moving boxes.

The best time to label

Oftentimes, stress is inevitable. Even a little amount of it can cause judgment errors during the move. Thus, its best to avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not label after you’ve packed for a long time – you might forget what exactly the things inside.
  • Do not label before packing – you don’t know what precisely it will contain.

Do it this way – PACK, SEAL, then LABEL. The most perfect time to label your moving boxes is right after you you’ve packed and sealed it closed. You shall be able to put a detailed and accurate label on it as it is still fresh in your mind.

Purchase quality markers

Color coding is one easy way to identify, label, and organize your stuff. Make sure to buy good-quality markers for this task. Just imagine the hassle of an easily drawn out of ink marker to you. You’ll have to run back to the store for a new one. Which can cause you money right? Make sure to purchase the following.

  • Dark bold color markers
  • Water-proof markers
  • Permanent ink
  • High-quality markers
  • Smudge-free markers

Most common label or tag

Try on these following ideas in labeling and tagging your moving boxes.

  • “For me” for the boxes that are on you
  • “Please be careful” or “Do not break” for the boxes that contain fragile stuff
  • “Last please” for the boxes that contain things you’ll need instantly
  • Add what room should each box go
  • Try listing down each content of every box to exactly identify what’s in it

Additional tip: assign a number on each box and list them down. List down its contents too. This will help you in the unpacking time. You’ll easily find what you’re looking for. You can also easily check your records if some things are missing.

Use color code labeling

A color-coded system is an easy way of labeling moving boxes. Use different colors for different room assignment. Pick one color per room designation and stick to it throughout the labeling process. For example, BLUE for BATHROOM, then PINK for BEDROOM, GREEN for KITCHEN, so on and so forth.

Make sure to mark and color-code accurately. List down a record of the color and the room it’s assigned to help you keep track of it. Do not forget to add a label and color code to the rooms too. Make sure that they match the boxes’ color-coding assignments.

These are simple yet the best way you can apply to easily label your moving boxes. For more moving tips, visit White Glove Movers Cedar Rapids, IA.

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