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Kitchen Tools and Equipment Packing Service Cedar Rapids Tips (Part 1 of 2)

Anyone who enjoys cooking usually end up packing the kitchen tools, dining equipment, furniture, and bar area last. This is but practical, since the family still needs to eat, even if they have been scheduled to move to a new destination in Cedar Rapids.

Nevertheless, packing these kitchen utensils and tools can be troublesome, especially because most of them are fragile and breakable.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to pack these supplies  with bubble wrap and other special packing supplies.

For other tips on how to securely pack your kitchenware, we have the following list:

China, glassware and barware packing tips

The following items should be carefully boxed out to avoid breaking them:

  • Crystal wine glasses
  • Fine China plates
  • Beer mugs
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Chinaware
  • Glass ware

How to pack these fragile kitchenware?

Follow these 3 step to ensure it will not break during the move:

Step 1: Find the right box.

Step 2: Add cellular dividers to these boxes.

Step 3: Wrap these fragile items in bubble wrap as additional protection.

Step 4: Add foam pouch inserts, especially for your porcelain bowls, teacups and plates.

Step 5: Add packing paper inside your glasses.

Cookware, pots, pans, bake ware, and kitchen tools

Compared to your fragile porcelain and china, dinnerware are easier to pack.

But it does not mean you don’t need to be extra careful in packing these items. They still need to be tightly and securely packed using bubble wrap or packing paper to avoid giving them scratches:

  • Casseroles
  • Cast Iron Skillets
  • Dutch Ovens
  • Stainless steel pots
  • Frying pans
  • Cookie sheets

Nevertheless, one rule you should remember is this:

Never stuff these kitchenware items in one huge box. It will not only weigh down these boxes but it will also make your items more prone to breaks and scratch.

Rather than using huge boxes to put all these items all together, choose small and medium size boxes that will avoid fit these items more securely.

Kitchen Gadgets

There is a good reason why you shouldn’t trash out the boxes of your gadgets and appliances – it can be very good when moving out to a new place.

But if you have thrown these boxes away, ensure you find a box that fits these gadgets and appliances perfectly. As needed, use corrugated boxes to secure it in place.

However, for heavy items like food processors and crock pots, you may need to buy sturdier boxes to hold these.

What about the electrical cords of these appliances?

Wrap these in packing paper or cover them with towel to avoid scratching its protective wire covering.

Moreover, put these items in a plastic bin or waterproof wrap if the weather signals snow rain on your moving day.

Know how to pack your casual dinnerware and pantry in part 2 of this packing service Cedar Rapid tips. Learn more about us.

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