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How to Prepare Your Pets and Kids for Relocation

Adults find it easier to adjust to a new location after a move, but kids may have a bit of a struggle adjusting to their new home. Follow these tips to make it easier for them:

1. Tell your kids ahead of time

Don’t hide it from your children. The earlier they realize your plans of moving to a new destination, the easier it is for them to make adjustments and to accept these realizations.

2. Allow them to ask questions

Your child may have different questions. Encourage them to be open with you about these. Ask them how they feel and any regrets they may have. Give them the assurance that the move will bring them more joy so they would have less worries.

3. Give them a glimpse on how their new room will look

Show them a glimpse of the new house and how it looks. If possible, let them have a tour of their new rooms. You may also ask them on how they want to decorate these rooms so they will look forward into moving to it.

4. Let them pack their own things.

Make it fun for them by letting them decorate their own boxes and pack their things. This will give them a sense of responsibility. For more fun ways to make your move fun, click here.

It is not only you and your children who need to prepare for your Iowa move. You also need to prepare your pets. Do so by considering the following:

5. Let your pets wear an ID collar

It is possible for your pets to get lost while relocating to your new Iowa home. Ensure they can easily be found by putting ID collars on them. Include your phone number and new address in their collar so you can be easily notified.

6. Make them comfortable inside a travel kennel

Don’t assume that your pet will easily enjoy travelling in a kennel. Make it comfortable for them by letting them more accustomed to it. So it is best to buy their travel kennel in advance.

7. Ensure your home is pet friendly

Welcome your pet in their new home by checking lease arrangements. The last thing you want to see is a house that does not want pets to be inside. So, carefully read your tenant agreement and see if this is indicated.

8. Prepare some treats

Just like your kids, your pet will not be at ease without some treats to munch at. Give them these delights to ensure they will be comfortable during the long journey.

Do you have other suggestions on how to help your kids and pets adjust with your Iowa move? Share it with us.

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