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How to Pack and Move Oddly Shaped Items

In the midst of planning for your move, you’ve probably been thinking of the different sizes of boxes you’ll need. Though you’ll likely be able to fit most of your belongings into regular square cardboard boxes, you’re likely to come across household items that are not regularly shaped. If you’re wondering how you’ll pack cylindrical, triangular, and very long items, then you may find the following solutions below helpful.

Packing round items

Round objects such as extra car tires, wheels, and footballs. These items should be moved in packaging containers that are proper sizes. As with any other object being moved out of your home, wrap round items with a flexible packing material such as bubble wrap, Kraft paper, or foam sheets before putting them inside the boxes.

After you’ve placed the round object into the box, fill the empty space with extra material to prevent it from shifting around in transit. It’s also recommended to place some cushioning material on the bottom of the box so the item is completely protected.

Keep in mind that the longer the item, the more fragile its midsection is, therefore the risk of it snapping and breaking increases. If you’re working with a professional residential mover, be sure you know the dimensions of their moving truck in case you have to make special arrangements for your oddly shaped items.

If you’re concerned about your unusually long items breaking, take note of where the halfway point is between each end. These middle points are fragile and need extra support, bracing, and cushioning. Take time to cover the entire item with a thick layer of bubble wrap, and then wrap an additional thick layer around each of the ends and the fragile points. This will ensure maximum protection from any jostling that occurs on moving day.

Packing unusually shaped furniture

Chances are you have at least one oddly shaped piece of furniture in your home that’s coming with you to your new space. Whether it’s a bed, table, sofa, chair, bookcase, or hutch, you should decide how to protect this item ahead of time. During your preparations, take a few minutes to look it over and determine if and how it can be dismantled. It if can be dismantled, wrap each piece carefully before placing it onto the moving truck.

A great way to reduce your moving day stress is to work with a team of professional movers. Not only to they have the experience necessary for making the moving process as smooth as possible, but they also know the best ways to pack all of your items to ensure a safe and secure move.

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