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How to Keep Your Move to and from Iowa More Fun

Moving to a new place in Iowa can be both sad and exciting.  For your kids, it may not even be something for them to look forward to, especially if they have created a bond with their classmates and friends in your current neighborhood. The same goes for the parents.

But everyone needs to move forward and there are many unavoidable circumstances that would force a family to leave their old community, one of which is a new job. Nevertheless, you can still make it fun and exciting for them to forget about their frustrations by doing the following tricks:

1. Turn the Music On

When choosing music, choose something that is lively and energetic. Refrain from sad songs as it will only remind your family members of the time they spent with people from your old neighbourhood.

To ensure you have the perfect soundtrack, download the best on the road music with a mixture of everyone’s favourite bands and singers. This will help lighten everyone’s mood.

2. Prepare delicious foods.

One of the worst sins you can commit when moving is not having enough food to eat while on the road, or arriving at your new destination. An empty tummy can easily change the mood of anyone. So, make an effort to pack foods that everyone can eat while on the road.

You may even find a place where you and the family can have a picnic to sauce up the feeling of depression others may be feeling.

3. Celebrate upon arrival

We know everyone is tired on moving day. Keep your kids momentum by assigning them a task prior to arriving at your new home. Let them plan how they want to celebrate your arrival at new home. This includes the food they want to prepare and any games they wish to play with everyone.

4.  Dress Up

Yes! Most people don’t dress up on moving day. But why shouldn’t you? Make a good first impression to your neighbours by dressing up on this important, today. Agree on a theme so you can feel the excitement of your new move.

5. Decorate the boxes

Make it more creative. Assign each family member to decorate their boxes. In this manner, you are not only encouraging them to be more creative but you are also helping them express themselves. This is also great in helping them detach from the old neighborhood.

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