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How to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe on Moving Day

Moving day is a busy, confusing, and stressful day. Between the professional movers, your family, and the flurry of boxes being put on the truck, the whirlwind of activity is enough to make your head spin. As humans, we’re a little bit better equipped to deal with this rush of activity than our furry friends are. To help your pet deal with the stress of moving, here are some tips to keep them safe, limit their stress, and feel comfortable in your new home.

Make small changes in your pet’s routine prior to moving day. Weeks prior to moving day, start to make small changes daily. This means changing your pet’s routine in small ways. Try moving the food dish to a new location one day. Perhaps the next day, take them for a walk at an alternate time or to on a different path. These small changes will help your pet become aware that things are different but they will eventually get used to the changes with a small amount of fuss.

Keep your pet in a designated area. When moving day arrives, place your pet in the bathroom or large closet and tape a “Do Not Enter” sign on the door. This will tell your residential movers that they should not enter the room, which will prevent disturbing your pet. Moving day will be somewhat disruptive and confusing, so you’re going to want to make sure your pet is safe, secure, and as comfortable as possible.

Assign your pet a moving day buddy. If possible, have a neighbor, relative, or friend spend time with your pet on moving day to ensure he or she doesn’t escape in all the confusion. The last thing you want to do is leave your pet in your old space, so give someone the task of watching over them. This will be good for the pet as well as it will help reduce anxiety. If your pet’s buddy has the space to play, then they’ll burn off some energy before getting to your new home, which will help them settle in faster.

Keep pictures of your pet on hand. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but it’s sometimes best to plan for the worst case scenario. Keep photos of your pet handy should they get away during the confusion of packing. Pictures will help identify your lost pet and are much easier to find when they’re set out versus all tucked away in a box.

Moving day is stressful enough on humans, let alone on pets that don’t really understand what’s happening. Keep your moving day positive and stress-free by designating a special space for your pet, such as the bathroom, while your professional movers get everything on the truck. Remember to work up to moving day by making small changes in your pet’s routine along the way, and to assign a moving day buddy to your pet.

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