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How to Identify Quality Moving Companies in Cedar Rapids (Part 1 of 2)

Are you moving to a new place in Cedar Rapids?

Are you second guessing who to hire as your mover?

Here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Does the moving company in Cedar Rapids conduct inventories?

A credible moving company will conduct a moving inventory of all your belongings to avoid missing things. Their estimator should be able to run a thorough checking on your place and determine the items to be moved and its weight. If your things are inside these boxes, they should have it numbered.

If this does not happen, you have hired the wrong moving company in Cedar Rapids.

2. Do they give you a thorough walk-through of what is about to happen?

The moving company’s estimator should properly walk you through on they are going to do the move. They should initiate asking the questions on how you are planning to move your things. Thus it is important to mark these things before planning to move from your old house to your new house in Cedar Rapids.

If you don’t see any of these being done by your moving company in Cedar Rapids, then it is a signal you should go and find another.

3. How much deposit are they asking from you?

A reputable moving company in Cedar Rapids will not demand a very large deposit from you before moving. You on your end shouldn’t let anyone force you into paying such a huge deposit, too!


Paying a large amount to the movers before the actual move-in will take away your control over your belongings.

However, if this is truly unavoidable, pay using your credit card. In this way, you are safe from any anomalies that may happen in the future.

4. Have they undergone a name switch in the past?

Make sure that the company is legit and legal to the job. Some companies avoid the assessment from the Better Business Bureau by using different names. Be sure that they have the following:

  • Local business address
  • License
  • Business permit

You can also search online regarding the moving company’s reputation. Check out the review or if there are any complaints about them.

It’s best to be knowledgeable on these things, rather than end up in tears because you have chosen the wrong moving company in Cedar Rapids.

5. Can they provide client references?

If one of your family or friends have hired a moving company, you can ask them for any recommendations. You can also get a list of the reliable moving company through movers associations.

Are you already dealing with movers in Cedar Rapids? Ask 2 or 3 of their past clients for you to properly assess their reliability in comparison to the overall experience of these families or businesses?

There are more to learn when choosing the right moving company in Cedar Rapids to handle your move. Don’t rush.

Take time to find quality movers who will do the job for you cost efficiently. Follow this blog for the next set of tips we have for you.

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