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How Can Different Types of Packing Materials Help You in Your Iowa Move

Getting yourself familiarized with the packing materials to use is important for a successful Iowa move.  These materials keep your stuff safe and secure during the moving event. Make sure to have enough of these. See here the different packing materials that are significant for your next Iowa move.


For all we know, cardboard boxes are always connected when it comes to Iowa moving matters. Boxes provide a cheap yet durable choice of material to use. They’re perfect containers for packing most household items. However, you should take note of the different types of boxes that are perfect for these specific loads.

  • Lamp box: a tall and narrow box designed for lamps.
  • Medium-sized box: it can load anything that can fit in it that doesn’t need a special type of packaging.
  • Wardrobe box: it’s like a portable closet with a bar across its top for hangers.
  • File box: a small type of box used for documents to keep them neat and fashionably organized.
  • Picture box: large, flat, and adjustable box specifically made for pictures, artwork, and mirrors.
  • Large box: applicable for bigger stuff like linen, clothes, and disassembled furniture pieces.
  • Extra-large box: a box that will work well for large lampshade, small furniture, and comforters.

Labeling materials

These materials help you keep your stuff organized and easy to find.

  • Packing tape: using this is the best way to secure the bottom of anything that holds heavy stuff and seal boxes properly.
  • Black permanent marker: it is good for writing clear labels on boxes.
  • Tape dispenser: this material makes packing easier. Quick and easy taping without the need for scissors. No need to find the tape’s edge too.
  • Packing labels and stickers: you can use these as visual marks on the boxes. It tells which things are on the boxes or which are fragile.

Protective materials

These are the materials that help you keep everything safe and protected. Packing is more than just putting your stuff in the boxes. It is properly packing and protecting your items so they’ll travel and arrive in good shape. It’s preventing possible damages.

  • Bubble wrap: you can use it on furniture and other large items to prevent dents and scratches.
  • Plastic stretch wrap: this can be used to cover cardboard boxes that contain electronic items. It will help to keep the moisture out.
  • Moving pads and blanket: these can help protect furniture from scratches such as chairs and tables.
  • Newspaper: use this to wrap fragile items like glassware and porcelains.

These are just a few of the packing materials that are essential when you are going to move. But they’re not just for packing, they’re very useful in many different ways. So keeping these in your house is essential. Make sure to have enough stock of these items even if you’re not going to move yet. You’ll never know when you might need them.

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