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Four Things You Can Do to Help Your Residential Mover

One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to hire a professional mover to help you with your residential move. A residential mover eliminates all of the headaches that come with moving such as hauling heavy furniture, boxes, and then placing items in their appropriate places. Once you’ve done your research and chosen a reputable residential moving company, there are several ways you can ensure their job is easier and that the events of moving day go smoothly.

Organize Your Items

If you’ve decided to pack most of your items yourself, properly packed and labeled boxes will help your residential mover move quickly. Take the time to ensure all items are packed carefully and fit inside your properly sealed boxes. Avoid letting sharp items stick out from any boxes as they could cause accidents that will stall or slow down the moving process. Labeling all of your boxes will help your mover know where they should be placed in your new space. This will also let your mover know what items are breakable and should be handled with caution.

Remove All Obstacles

On moving day, your residential movers will be making multiple trips from your current house to the truck while carrying heavy things. In order to help them, be sure to create a clear path that’s free from boxes, tools, and furniture. Remember that children and pets may accidentally get in their way, so ensure pets are properly leashed or in their carriers until the movers are done. If necessary, consider taking your pets to an animal daycare. This will allow them time to run around and play with friends while you don’t have to worry about them running out of the house. Try to keep your young children busy and distracted with their favorite toys, activities, or coloring books so they’ll remain out of the way.

Keep Supplies Handy

No matter how cautiously you pack, be aware that boxes do break on moving day. Keep a roll of packing tape handy in case a box or two comes undone during the moving process, especially if you elected to pack up the items yourself. Another great tip is to keep a small paper or plastic bag filled with handy supplies such as packing tape, a box cutter, a permanent marker, and some trash bags in case boxes do come undone. Surprisingly, trash bags come in handy during the moving process because they can be used to carry extra lightweight items that won’t fit into boxes or those that you forgot to pack.

Offer Your Movers Something to Drink

Moving is hard work, which means your movers will need to stay hydrated in order to keep their energy levels high. Stock up on bottled water and Gatorade so you can give them to the moving team before they start their work. That way, they can keep them handy and swig them when they’re feeling thirsty. You can also grab a few snacks from the convenient store as an offer of thanks to the movers once the work is done. Avoid any messes by ensuring the snacks can be eaten on-the-go in case the movers need to leave right away. While the gesture of keeping drinks and snacks on hand seems simple, this kind gesture will help you establish rapport with the movers, which in turn may result in fewer breaks throughout the day. If the moving team is happy, they’ll work faster and more efficiently.

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