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Five Things to Do Before You Move

Moving to a new space is exciting. Whether you’re moving for the fifth or first time, you’re probably dreading it just a little bit, though. The thought of packing all your items in boxes, having to coordinate service transfers, and physically moving your belongings can be overwhelming to anyone. The truth is that moving doesn’t have to be a complete hassle. Below are some tips to make your moving day a smoother and, dare we say, enjoyable process.

Spread out your packing.

Assuming you don’t have to pack up and leave in a hurry, it’s best to pack up your belongings slowly. Give yourself a daily box quota in order to prevent a weekend of non-stop packing. If you’d prefer to start in one room to keep yourself organized, you can start that way. Or it can be beneficial to pack up the items you’re not using right now so you’re not overwhelmed later. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time and energy to unpack once you’re in your new space.

Use sturdy boxes to pack your items.

Instead of wasting time rounding up spare boxes from work, packages, or from friends and family, turn to your moving company. Most moving companies have shipping supplies including high-quality boxes in a variety of sizes that you can purchase. Swing by their storefront or ask if they can deliver them to you ahead of time so you don’t have to sweat it.

Skip packing your closet.

Ask your professional movers to bring several wardrobe boxes the day of your move. This way instead of stripping all of your items off their hangers, you can simply take them out of the closet and put them right on the bar in the boxes. Plus, you won’t have to iron your clothes when you get to your new home!

Switch your utilities right away.

This one seems obvious, but timing is everything. As soon as you know your closing date, call your utility companies and set up the switch. This is particularly important for those moving into new homes or homes that were previously empty. Keep in mind that arranging a maintenance call to reestablish service might be necessary.

Move your basic items early.

If your new home is a manageable distance from your current space, take basic supplies over the day or night before. Unpacking your bathrooms in advance and having pajamas and clothes for the next couple of days will make the transition smoother.

Imagine yourself in your new home before you get there.

If you put a game plan together ahead of time, you could be hanging pictures while the movers are stacking up their boxes. As soon as you can get unpacked and organized, the faster it will feel like home. If you prefer to move at a slower pace, plan out spots for your favorite pieces of furniture, art, and decor. Even though you may be moving at a slower rate, having a plan will help you feel accomplished nonetheless.

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