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6 Tips for Moving Across the Country

Generally speaking, moving can be quite the challenge. Throw in the fact that you’re moving across the country and you’ve got a long list of additional things to determine and consider.

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a cross-country move, here is a list of six things you should consider.

1. Create a Game Plan

Every good move starts with a plan. Take time in the beginning to make some key decisions such as where you’re moving to, what your new home will be, if you’re working with a residential mover, and when it will all take place.

Then, once you’ve got a rough outline to work from, start to fill in the details. Decide when you will start packing (start sooner rather than later), when the move will take place, and when utilities need to be switched. You should also consider all of the routine things that will change such as cable, internet, phone providers, doctors, pediatricians, schools, and more.

2. Determine Your Move-Out Date

All of the steps you take will be centered on your moving date. Once you know this date, you can start to make plans to switch utilities, bring in a moving company, rent a truck, and cut off services.

3. Clean Everything

One thing about moving is certain: you’ll be surprised by just how dirty things you haven’t touch in a while can get. If you live in a house or a condo, you’ll have to go through the selling process. If you live in an apartment, it’s time to seriously clean so you can try to get your deposit back. Start going through the nooks and crannies, even the hidden spaces in closets, so you can tackle any surprises from the get-go.

4. Eliminate the Excess

Paring down your belongings always feels good. We tend to forget how off-putting clutter can be until we’ve gotten rid of it. If you discover items you haven’t touched in years such as DVDs, books, decor items, electronics, and knick-knacks, now is a good time to let them go. If you have time for a yard or garage sale, start organizing the items you want to sell. If you’re short on time, consider donating the items you can. Keep your receipts for tax purposes!

5. Hire a Packing Service

The act of moving itself is stressful. Add coordinating all of the dates, time spent cleaning, looking for new service providers, and packing on top of all of that and you’ve got one stressed out household. You can always let a team of professionals handle the packing for you. Professional residential movers have the quality packing materials that will help your items get to their destination safely. Plus, they know how to pack your items quickly and efficiently

6. Work with a Professional Mover

You can rent a moving truck and handle the cross-country move, but why put that extra burden on yourself? A professional moving team moves families across the country all the time, which means they know all the tips and tricks for making it a smooth process.

If you’re in the Cedar Rapids or Marion area and are planning a cross-country move, reach out to the team at White Glove Movers. We’ve been helping families move since 2004 and take pride in our dedicated services. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate!

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