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6 Things to Discuss with Your Residential Mover Before Moving Day

Moving takes a lot of coordinating, planning, hard work, and organization. Even when you decide to work with a residential moving company, you need to discuss some things with their team before the big day arrives.

Whether you’re moving to the other side of town or across the country, you should work with a residential mover that has your back.

Here’s a list of the top 6 questions you should ask the moving company you’re looking to hire.

1. Are you licensed?

The moving team you’re considering may have a good reputation in the Cedar Rapids area, but they could be hiding some skeletons in their closet. All residential movers need to have a license and insurance in order to operate legally in the State of Iowa.

Check to make sure your mover has the correct licensing and insurance to get the job done legally.

2. Are you locally owned and operated?

Local businesses are the lifeblood of the city of Cedar Rapids. As a working community, we understand the value of every dollar we make.

When you work with a locally owned and operated moving company, not only are you supporting the business of someone just like you, you’re also saving money.

Since White Glove Movers isn’t part of a large corporation, we have minimal overhead cost, so we pass the savings on to you!

3. Do you subcontract?

This is a fair question for the mover you’re looking into. Ask if their team will be the ones showing up on moving day or if they’ll be calling in reinforcements from another business. Rest assured that the local team at White Glove Movers will be the ones moving your household items on moving day – it’s just how we operate.

4. Do you do quotes or estimates?

Every moving team worth their salt gives estimates so you have an idea of what to expect. Most companies charge a rate per pound and distance. Get this information up front so you have something to compare during research mode.

White Glove Movers is happy to provide you with a quote today. The more information you give us the more accurate we can be. Visit our website to fill out our quote form to the best of your ability and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. You can also give us a call at 319-393-3000.

5. Do you sell packing supplies?

If there’s one thing we know about moving it’s that we tend to forget just how much stuff houses can accumulate. That means you’re going to need a lot of boxes!

Moving companies offer sturdy moving boxes, quality packaging tape, packing paper, carpet covers and more to ensure your items are transported safely and your house remains clean on moving day. Don’t waste time trying to track down boxes – just ask your mover! 

6. What recommendations do you have?

Each family is different, which means each move is different. After spending some time talking with your mover, they should have a clear idea of what to expect on moving day, which means they will have some guidance for you. Never hesitate to ask their advice or what else you should know before the move begins.

White Glove Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company that helps homeowners like you in the Cedar Rapids, Marion, and surrounding communities. We believe in treating your home, valuables, and family with care – that’s how we got our name! Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming move.

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