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6 Major Reasons to Move to Cedar Rapids

Known as the City of Five Seasons, Cedar Rapids is Iowa’s second largest city. Located at the intersection of a river and train tracks, good old CR is chalk full of history, art, great food, and a beautiful landscape.

Cedar Rapids is a great community. We’re hard workers and we know the value of family. Here’s a look at 6 additional reasons to relocate to this city if you’re getting ready to make a residential move.

1. We have an island

The Cedar River runs through the heart of the city and there just so happens to be an island along that river. Mays Island, former home of the courthouse, is the small island located in the downtown area. There are just a handful of cities in the world that have government offices on a municipal island and Cedar Rapids is one of them!

2. It’s the second largest city in the state

With a population just shy of 130,000 people, CR is the second largest city in Iowa. The first being the capital of Des Moines, of course. 

3. It’s all about the ‘burbs

Lifelong residents will tell you how much Cedar Rapids has grown over the years. The surrounding small towns have expanded into suburbs that continue to grow and develop. If you’re looking to move to eastern Iowa, we recommend you check out Atkins, Bertram, Hiawatha, Marion, Palo, Ely, Fairfax, Shueyville, Walford, and Swisher.

4. Preserving the prairie

It’s sometimes difficult for our modern minds to think back on what the state looked like when it was mostly prairie, but it’s not all gone. Now home to lots of farmland, Cedar Rapids is aiming to protect and preserve the natural wildlife around us. Thanks to Indian Creek Nature Center, you can enjoy the natural plants, habitats, and wildlife that once covered the entire state.

5. It’s inspirational

Ever heard of the famous painting called “American Gothic” by Grant Wood? Yeah, that was painted here.

In the downtown area sits the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art where you can peruse the largest collection of his works in the world. You can even take a tour of Wood’s studio and see the loft where he painted several of his famous paintings.

Need to find your zen after a long moving day? Be sure to stop by the Grant Wood studio for a monthly meditation session where you can relax in Wood’s studio. You can also bring the family to the museum for free once a month!

6. Celebrating five seasons

When you’re driving around the S curves of 380, you’ll spot the gigantic stylized tree that overlooks the river. This is the symbol for the “City of Five Seasons.” The tagline belongs to the city and encourages us to celebrate spring, summer, fall, and winter. What’s the fifth season, you ask? It’s a reminder to enjoy all seasons and to enjoy life.

Cedar Rapids is a great community and we’d be happy to help you get settled in. If you need help with your residential move, give the team at White Glove Movers a call. We’d love to help you move from one of the local suburbs to a spot in the city or across town! Give us a call today at 319-393-3000 to receive a quote.

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