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5 Moving Tips During Winter in Iowa

You are left with no other choice. You need to move this winter season. The weather is extremely cold and you wouldn’t want to add more stress come moving day in Iowa. How do you handle these? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Regularly check on the weather condition

Much of weather forecasts in Iowa are pretty much accurate. So you can rely on these to set a timeline on when to do your move.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your move to happen during a snowstorm. Choose a day where there is less likely to have any weather havoc in Iowa, so you can quite conveniently transfer your furniture and other belongings to your new home.

If you are cautious of not wanting your belongings to slide on an icy road, then you can always discuss this with your professional moving company in Iowa. In this manner, they can easily know your preferences.

2. Request snow removal prior to your move

Ensure you have a clear path from your front walk when moving items. This means clearing the following areas of your new and old home:

  • Garage entrance
  • The entire driveway
  • The path towards the back door
  • Sidewalks bordering your property
  • Street at the front of your house

To ensure this, you may need to bring some snow plows with you. Otherwise, someone from the family can go in advance to your new home to prepare all of these. Otherwise, you will be struggling with how to get rid of all the piled snow.

3. Plan and pack early

We understand how difficult it can be to pack during the winter season. This makes it more reasonable for you pack up days before the move.

As always, we always remind anyone moving to and from Iowa to plan early. Pack your things ahead of time. Label your moving boxes accordingly. In this manner, you won’t be rushed come moving day.

Do your packing and labeling during the daytime. This will help you save on electricity by utilizing the heat and light from the sun. As needed, disassemble your beds and sleep on an air mattress the night before the move. This will be a little inconvenient, but this will help you save a lot of dollars.

4. Prepare some extra supplies

You never can tell when an emergency will arise. Thus, ensure you have these items readily accessible in one of your labeled boxes:

Jumper cables, window scrapers, tow ropes

Sometimes, the sudden drop in temperature can put your vehicle in a ditch. So do consider having these inside your car for emergency cases.

Pairs of gloves

It is easy for a pair of gloves to get wet during the move. So prepare a couple of these to keep you warm and protected.

Towels and sheets

It is common to have a sudden change of temperature in Iowa. Be extra cautious by preparing extra sheets and towels to help protect your furniture during the move. Especially if you have plenty of these to move:

  • Artwork
  • Furniture finish
  • Upholstery
  • Electronics

Are you having a hard time finding a reliable professional moving company in Iowa to help you with your move? We are happy to help you during this cold winter season. Contact us.

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