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5 Helpful Moving Tips from Your Professional Movers in Cedar Rapids

Moving can be a stressful time but the entire process doesn’t have to make you miserable. As a team of professional movers in Cedar Rapids, White Glove Movers knows how to make moving a smooth process.

To avoid injury, headaches, and frustration, follow these 5 moving tips on the big day:

1.Work with a professional moving company

To be honest, letting a team of professional movers help you relocate can be one of the best decisions you make regarding your move. A professional moving company will take a look at your possessions, give you an estimate, help you do the packing, and move all the bulky stuff. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.

At White Glove Movers, we’re locally owned and operated which means we have a low overhead cost. As a result, we pass the savings on to customers like you!

2.Avoid overpacking

If you opt to do the packing yourself, try not to overdo it. Just because you can fit 75 books in a box doesn’t mean you should. Moving boxes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight and putting too much in one box will strain your back, knees, and other joints. As an experienced Cedar Rapids moving company, we know you shouldn’t pack more than 50 pounds in a small box, 65 pounds in a medium box, and 70 in a large moving box.

3.Wrap sharp objects

Any professional mover will tell you to wrap sharp objects, especially gardening tools and cutlery. Because our knowledgeable moving staff provides packing services, we’ll take the time to wrap sharp items such as knives in packing paper and bubble wrap. If you want to do the packing yourself we recommend doing that and wrapping the item in a dish towel and then securing it with a rubber band.

4.Dress for the weather

Moving involves going in and out of your new space plus protecting yourself. Since Iowa weather can be unpredictable, we recommend paying attention to the forecast a day or two before the move. Avoid wearing baggy clothing that can get caught on furniture and boxes. Instead, opt for something that’s tight-fitted, flexible, and breathable. You should also wear tennis shoes or boots as opposed to flip-flops or sandals that can trip you up.

5.Lift what you can

Moving day is not the day to turn into Superman. Stay safe and avoid causing injury by lifting only what you can handle. If you’re working with a professional mover, let them do the heavy lifting and stay out of the way to avoid any confusion or disruption. When lifting heavy boxes, bend at your knees instead of your waist. Avoid twisting your body while lifting and carrying items. If you do have to maneuver, turn your hips first and not your feet.

Is a residential or commercial move in your future? Speak to the professional movers of White Glove Movers. We’re happy to help you move to the other side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or the country! Give us a call today to receive an estimate.

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