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5 Types of Moves that Need the Help of a Professional Moving Company in Cedar Rapids

As a professional moving company in Cedar Rapids, we know not every move is the same. Different situations call for different moving techniques, which is why it’s important to identify your move ahead of time.

Five Different Kinds of Moves

Before you give your professional mover a call, it’s best to determine what moving category you fit into. While most moving companies charge by the distance, the team at White Glove Movers likes to consider the number of things you’re moving.

Let’s take a look at five different types of moves to help you determine what your moving day needs will be:

1.The Small Move

Most homeowners who fit into our first category are moving from an apartment. Those who want to move a partial household are also considered a small move. Most small moves involve a standard weight of 2,000 pounds or less.

Small moves don’t seem like a big deal, but it’s beneficial to speak with a professional moving company to ensure you’re taking the right step. Remember that even if you have a small apartment, you probably have a lot of things tucked away that you’ve forgotten about.

To receive a quote on your apartment move in Cedar Rapids, speak to the experienced team at White Glove Movers today.

2.The House Move

The effort involved in house moves depends on the rooms and square footage of the home. Weight is also a factor. Though moving a household can be stressful, there are several things you can do to lighten the load (literally!):

  • Take the opportunity to purge unused items
  • Have a garage or yard sale
  • Use the extra funds to hire a professional moving company


3.The Interstate Move

Long-distance moves are typically the most daunting and tedious because you’re literally moving all of your belongings out of the state and sometimes to the other side of the country. Some homeowners are hesitant to hire a professional moving company for an interstate move because of the cost, however, letting a team of experienced professionals such as White Glove Movers can make it less stressful. We’ve had the pleasure of serving residential and commercial clients since 2004. At White Glove Movers, we believe in conducting every move with caution and care, which is how we earned our name!

4.The Local Move

Perhaps you’re finally ready to move into a larger house than your previous one or you’re ready to get out of your old apartment. If you’re staying in the area, you fit into the “local move” category.

Many people find local moves to be less stressful because:

  • You’re moving a distance less than 50 to 100 miles
  • You don’t have to ship your belongings
  • Professional moving companies can alleviate some of your burdens


5.The Apartment Move

Apartment moves are often simpler than moving 1600-square feet homes, but even the average sized apartment has its challenges.

No one daydreams about maneuvering their furniture out of their apartment, down the steps, and out onto the sidewalk, so why not let the professionals handle it?

Get started today

Once you’re ready to start planning your Cedar Rapids move, give the team at White Glove Movers a call. We’re an experienced team that offers everyday low rates so you can save some money on your move. Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming move.

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