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5 Advantages Of Moving to Iowa This Spring

Winter has bid goodbye. The flowers are blooming and mild temperatures and random rainfalls of spring are just right around the corner. This makes it the best time to:

  • Escape your house after snuggling in the winter
  • Take up a much-needed vacation and lose all the frost stuck in
  • Move to a new place in Iowa

You must have been thinking of moving to Iowa, but just don’t know when to do it. Now is the right time and here are 5 good reasons why you should start considering it, now.

Fresh and Comfortable Weather

We all know that moving can be exhausting, tiring, and stressful; and doing it a chilling temperature or on a day where the sun is blazingly hot makes it unpleasant.

Spring weather is a mixture of the chillness of winter and humidness of summer. This gives you a more comfortable day to move things to your new location in Iowa.

You don’t need to worry about catching colds or feeling like in a sauna bath while moving. The cool breeze with mild temperatures makes it less exhausting for you.

The only drawback on this time will be the occasional rains. Thus, your moving can be slowed down by rain showers. So just be ready with rain coverings.

Lower Fee for Professional Movers

Summer is the busiest season for moving companies for reasons.


Because this is the time when children are on vacation and newlyweds are buying a new house. Therefore, the cost of hiring a professional mover in Iowa during this time is higher.

For you to save money, book your moving schedule in spring because the demand for moving companies at this time is lower.

Flexible Schedules for Professional Movers

Moving line ups for movers are at a lower rate in this season, thus, it’ll be easier for you to book your desired date. The moving companies have more available drivers and crew this time compared to summer. So, you will not have a problem calling their service even at short notice.

Ideal Time to Sell your House

Spring is also the peak season to sell your house.

Unlike the moving season, spring is the best time to sell your house before moving out. The housing market trading works the other way around, meaning, the house pricing rises as more homes are on the list. Also, there are more potential buyers during this season so you have more chances of selling your house at a higher price.

Reason to Do a Spring Cleaning

As the weather can affect your moving task, it can also affect your cleaning time. Spring is an ideal time for you to clean up your things.

You probably have unused stuff sitting around, this is the time for you to run a check on these things and eliminate stuff that you don’t need anymore.

You can even put it on a garage sale to earn a few bucks. Movers fee depends on the number of items and distance to move, so paying for dead weights will be the last thing you want to do. Once this is done before moving out, you’ll have fewer things to move and you can save more fee.

Combining and considering these advantages, it clearly states that spring is the most advantageous time for you to set your relocation.

Call a professional mover in Iowa and have your free quote, today. Send us a message.

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