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4 Unexpected Effects of Moving to a New State

Moving from a new state can be both startling and exciting. Imagine a new place, a new environment, and a new group of people where you will dwell together with our family. It can feel a bit weird, so we have listed some of the things you may experience while moving to a new State.

Here are 5 weird side effects of moving to a new state

1. You Will Miss Things

Habits are hard to break. Thus, it is common for you to miss things you have been accustomed to with your new home.

You will miss things you never thought you would. These might be the small stuff you didn’t care about before. For example, the taste of coffee from that coffee shop you always go to before your work. or the street light’s timing.

For some, this may even result in a culture shock. So do prepare yourself physically and mentally for your new surrounding. Read facts and places to hang-out in your new destination so it wouldn’t feel that strange.

2. You may have the tendency to be a “state-loyalist”

John Barth once said, “All men are loyal, but their objects of allegiance are at best approximate.” You will feel this, especially when you go to a new state.

You will easily distinguish the difference between the two, thus you may have a tendency to prefer your old state with the new one. This is not surprising because every state has different standards, especially if you move from a smaller state to a larger one. This includes the following:

  • Cost of living
  • Price of foods
  • Traffic rules

Due to your old habits, you may wish you can stick with the old customs from the state where you have moved from.

3. You may be a “The Grudge” of the neighborhood

Since everything is different from what you have gotten used to, you may get irritated for the first weeks, or even months.

Simple things like the price of your cup of coffee, the smiles of your neighbor, the color of your lawn and many more can all be disturbing for you. But hopefully, you can soon cope with it.

4. You feel like going back to your old state

As you stay in the new state, you will slowly cope up. Once you come back or just simply visit your old place, it will be back to zero. Since you are used to the things in the new state you are in, the difference between the two states will be obvious for you. You will notice simple differences and will have to adjust again

Before deciding to move to another state, be sure to list down the important things you need to consider. Such as the cost of living, medical accessibility, and other convenience stores. Make sure to be prepared, physically and mentally.

Hopefully, this list has helped you to prepare yourself before your big move. If you need assistance in moving to and from Iowa, Contact us now.

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